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All you need to know about Kangaroo Island South Australia

Remarkable Rocks

Georgina Tsorvas
Kangaroo Island Guru

Hi Georgina, what is the name of your tour. Where are you located and what do you offer as a product?

Hi Paul. We offer a Kangaroo Island wildlife adventure tour. It's a 2 day tour around Kangaroo Island, departing from Adelaide and returning back to Adelaide.

What age demographic usually travels on your tours?

We get a variety between 18 to 65 years old, but majority are younger between 18 to 35.

What level of fitness would you say you need to participate on the Kangaroo Island tour?

I would say a moderate level of fitness. Just for the swimming activities, walking on sand during the tours and we do a bit of walks around the national park.

Do you offer a range of pick up and drop off locations? What's the average pick up and drop off time?

Yes, we sure do.  We pick up around most of the hostels and hotels around Adelaide CBD at 6:00am. And then we pick up from Glenelg at about 6:30am.

we go to Seal Bay where we have a forty five minute guided tour along the beach with the rare Australian sea lions. It's pretty special.

How far is it from Adelaide to the start of the ferry?

It's about a two hour drive and we stop off on the way down there if time permitting in a small town and get a coffee and get some breakfast.

Are the cost of the ferry tickets included in the tour?

Yes. All inclusive.

What are some tips to bring or to have prepared before arriving on the tour?

Make sure you pack an overnight bag because we do have restrictions on the boat. We can't take full luggage. And be prepared for all types of weather in two days. Even in the middle of summer, I would say like a waterproof wind shielded jacket would be good. Have some good walking shoes, a towel and some sunscreen also.

What kind of training do your guides receive and how experienced are they?

Our guides need to be able to operate heavy vehicles. And they would have to obtain their LR license for that. And then also be responsible to carry passengers. So that's a separate passenger’s accreditation, which includes the medical check and all those sorts of things. Plus they need to also obtain a first certificate and have extensive knowledge of Kangaroo Island wildlife, flora and fauna history.

What type of vehicle does he come meet up with the guests?

We have a twenty one seater Toyota coaster, or a 24 seater Mitsubishi Rosa which comes with air conditioning, heating, and stereo.

Is food included on this tour? If so, what are the options? Do you cater for travellers with dietary requirements?

Yes, sure. So on the first day, lunch and dinner is included as well as snacks in between. On the second day, breakfast and lunch is included with snacks in between. We have water available at all times. And we cater for all dietary requirements at no extra cost

Can you run me through an itinerary of what the client will experience on the tour?

Once we pick you up from Adelaide and we get to Cape Jervis we catch a ferry. We stop off at a beautiful surf beach called Pennington Bay. And once from there, we have lunch and then we go to Seal Bay where we have a forty five minute guided tour along the beach with the rare Australian sea lions. It's pretty special. After there we hit up some sand dunes and go sand boarding. And then from there we visit some of the beautiful beaches that KI has to offer such as Vivonne Bay or Hanson Bay. We can go snorkelling or kayaking around there. We stay at a farm next to the national park on the western end of the island. So it's quite remote. There's lots of wildlife around there. The next morning we head into Flinders Chase National Park and visit Admirals Arch, Remarkable Rock and do some walks around there

Just on the farm stay, are you camping outside or are you staying inside a farmhouse? Is it dorm? Is it shared accommodation? Is it gender mixed?

Yes,  we have a lodge area that we use and it uses dorm style rooms between 8 to 10 people in the rooms. All bedding is provided and we've also got our own camp kitchen and fire pit.

Are there opportunities to have a private room upgrade on this tour?

Yes there is. We have a single, double, and triple room upgrade available. That is dependent on availability, with our accommodation providers.

So the single upgrade is 170 per person and the double is 85 per person.

They pay that directly to us before the tour. And it comes with a private ensuite also.

Fantastic. So moving into day 2, before I rudely interrupted 😊

No worries,  First we enter the national park and all the amazing sights in there and do our walks and view as much wildlife as possible. We have lunch and then we head off to the north coast and visit Stoke's Bay, which is really cool beach that you have to kind of walk through a rock cave setting to get to ... you end up on this secluded beach where we can do some more snorkelling and then we slowly make our way back to the ferry for a 5:30pm departure and we get into Adelaide City around 8:30pm.

Okay so when it's in winter, instead of snorkelling, what fun activities would you be doing?

So the days are quite shorter as well in winter. But we do visit Honey Farm and we've got a eucalyptus distillery that we can visit. We still like to take people to the beaches because they are still amazing in winter. And there is some little walks around that we can do.

What sort of Australian wildlife would you be seeing on Kangaroo Island? Obviously there's kangaroos….

So I describe Kangaroo Island as like a massive wildlife park without fences. You see, obviously, kangaroos, little tammar wallabies. We've got echidnas. We've got Australian sea lions, New Zealand fur seals, wedge-tailed eagles, possums, snakes, goannas, everything, koalas ... lots of koalas.

Will you get up close to koalas on this tour?

Yes,  you can, for sure. So this walk that we do in the national park ... we pretty much guarantee koalas there. Depending on where they are in the tree, I guess is depending on how close you can get them. But we do not hold koalas.

Are there any optional activities or costs that guests should be aware of?

Yes. There is optional extras that you can do on our tour and that is quad biking on day one in the afternoon. And those prices start from around $117 dollars for about an hour and a half on the quad bikes. On second day afternoon we do offer an ocean safari. That starts from around 75 dollars. And on that, another tour guide from Kangaroo Island Ocean Safari takes you out on a boat to view the sea lions and dolphins and whales in the winter.

Do you have many safety systems and procedures in place for these tours?

Yes,  our tour guides are qualified for their first aid in case any emergencies arrive. They do require passengers to wear seat belts on the bus at all times and they do give safety briefings to the passengers before sand boarding and before snorkelling and kayaking.

Is sand boarding free of charge?

Free of charge, yes. So is kayaking and snorkelling.

What would you say passengers find the most unique or special about Kangaroo Island?

I think it would be the sights that they see there. A lot of them expect to kind of see kangaroos everywhere on an island. They don't expect how big the island is. But I think the great beaches, Remarkable Rock, Admirals Arch ... you know, they kind of get blown away with those things, so rugged and pristine.

Fantastic. So is there any other tips or advice or anything we've missed that you would suggest to travellers when they're planning a trip to Kangaroo Island?

Like I said, prepare yourself for all types of weather. One day could be hot, next day could be freezing. And bring a small overnight bag and then you'll be sweet.

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Kangaroo Island Coastline
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Remarkable Rocks Kangaroo Island
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