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Australia’s only Bungy jump in Cairns

Bungy jump, Cairns
Coral Moran AJ Hackett

Coral Moran
Sales Manager - Youth Market

AJ Hackett Cairns

Hi Coral, What is the name of your activities and where are you located?

We are AJ Hackett Cairns, the adventure capital company of the country. We operate Australia's only bungy jump, and we also have the Minjin Jungle Swing.

Who usually participates in your activity? What's your typical customer?

Predominantly we appeal to the younger market, so 18 to 35 is our ideal market and young travellers, locals, anybody really. There's no specific person who bungy jumps to be honest.

Do you offer pick ups and drop offs, and what times are available?

We have a free return transfer for everyone doing an activity and they are at 9:00 am, 11:00 am, or 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm from the Cairns CBD. We do 9:55 am and 11:55 am from the northern beaches of Cairns.

What advice do you have for people to prepare or get in the zone before participating?

My advice is don't think about it too much. I know it's a lot easier to say than it is to do, but the more you think about it, the more it doesn't make sense. Also tequila, tequila always helps.

Tequila, tequila always helps

Cairns Bungy Jumping

What kind of training do your guides receive and how experienced are they?

The guides receive full-on training from the day that they start. Every little station has its own training part to be a Jump Master. They do a physical, a written and a verbal test, and the training they do that can take from 18 months to 3 years.

What qualifications, certificates or awards has AJ Hackett attained?

All our senior staff must have first aid, which is pretty standard. We won the Golden Backpack Awards three years. We also won the Tourism North Queensland Significant Tourism Attraction award a few years ago as well. We run off the Safety Code of Bungy 4858, which was written by AJ Hackett, so we make sure that all our sites around the world adhere to the regulations in that code. All our Jump Masters are ropes course trained, high access, all that sort of stuff as well.

Can you run me through what a person experiences on the day?

One of the things I love the most about bungy is that everyone's experience is different, because whether it's the height that scares you, or walking up the stairs, or falling or being strapped up by someone you don't know, or whatever it is, everyone does get a different experience.

Basically, you get picked up on the bus, brought out to the bungy site where we sign you up with the wonderful guys in reception down the bottom. Then you head up the stairs to take your big jump and then when you get back down, a little raft will come out to the pond to collect you and bring you back to shore.

What sort of reactions do you typically get?

There's all sorts. You can get people who laugh uncontrollably. I know my thing is I yawn when I'm nervous. You do get tears every now and again, people who need to go toilet quite often. So everything you can imagine with people who get nervous.

A few nervous bladders?

Yeah, definitely.

What safety measures are in place?

We follow the safety codes that were written by AJ Hackett. One of the safety aspects with AJ Hackett Bungy is everyone's connected twice, you have two points of contact. Now that's on both of our activities, it's rule one on the bungy jump and the Minjin Swing. Everyone is connected twice. All our equipment is retired after a third of its use, so our jump cords are made onsite by our Jump Masters so we do know that the best quality of cord is being made, and they're also retired after 500 jumps even though they are made to do 2,000.

Why should someone choose your product?

Why not? Bungy jumping is something that I think everyone should do. It's all about pushing boundaries, conquering fear, doing things that you didn't think you were ever going to do before, which is a massive part of traveling, growing up, just living life in general. We always say that everyday you should do something that scares you, to remind you you're still alive.

Would you say it's a different rush that you get between the bungy and the swing?

Definitely, one of the things that we do believe in massively at AJ Hackett is about the personal challenge though. So both activities have that element in them, with the bungy, you have to push yourself to jump, for the Minjin Swing, you do self-release. There’s a massive difference in the rush that you get.

Do you have a preference?

Bungy all the way. All the way.

How many bungies have you personally done?

I wouldn't even know, I would have got paid in bungies when I first started working here. Yes, if they had said, "Sorry, we only pay in Bungy jumps I would have done it just to get free bungy jumps, hundreds.

So the longer you wait, the scarier it's going to be in your mind?

The harder it's going to be, yeah. The scariness is always going to be same but mentally it'll be harder the longer you wait.

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