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One Stop Adventures Review: Fran Vickery – East Coast of Australia

Skydive mission beach
Kangaroo photo

Fran Vickery

Travelled the East Coast of Australia with One Stop Adventures August and September 2016

What trip did you do with One Stop Adventures and how long for?

I did the east coast of Australia for just over a month.

What made you decide to book with us?

I think we were Googling online and you popped up and you were just so helpful that we decided to book with you.

Were you travelling alone or with a friend on your trip?

I was travelling with one of my friends.

Do you have any tips for maintaining a strong friendship while travelling with another person?

If something is wrong with one of you or if you’re annoyed with each other it’s important to talk about it straight away rather than letting it go on for a few days unspoken. If you don’t talk about it then it builds up and you can end up having an unnecessary massive argument. So I would say communication is important.

Where did you go on your trip and what are some highlights?

We started off in Sydney and then travelled to Byron Bay which was awesome. It was probably one of my favourite parts of the east coast, I just loved the town. It was so quirky fun.

We then travelled to Fraser Island, which again was amazing. Fraser Island was probably by far the best trip that I've ever done in my life. Camping on an island under the stars was just amazing.

We did the Whitsundays and Cairns as well. We ended up doing a bungy jump and a sky-dive which were epic! I also absolutely loved the Uncle Brians Rainforest and waterfalls trip, that’s a definite must do!

Out of all that do you have a definite favourite?

I would say Fraser Island, that was awesome.

4 X 4 Fraser island
Driving 4 x 4's on Fraser island

Was there a particular part that you really liked?

Driving the 4x4's on the island and seeing a dingo as well, I didn't think I would ever see one.

Can you recommend a favourite bar that you visited on your trip?

I'd probably pick Cheeky Monkeys in Byron Bay, dancing on the tables was loads of fun!

Did you have a favourite accommodation that you stayed at?

Calypso's in Cairns, that was awesome, I loved the fact that on a Friday they do a little reptile show and you get a five dollar barbecue.

Is there anything you feel like you maybe missed out on your trip or maybe you'd like to do again?

The only annoying thing was when we went to Magnetic Island we forgot to bring our driving license, so I couldn't drive the Barbie cars.

Bummer! Do you have any tips for anyone thinking of doing a similar trip?

Don't worry if you're planning on going away on your own or if you're going with someone else because you meet so many new people along the way that are all in the same boat to you. Just make sure that you go traveling with an open mind and you'll have the best fun of your life.

Also don’t skimp out on something you really want to do because of the cost, money fills your pocket, travel fills your soul.

Money fills your pocket, travel fills your soul

Lake Mackenzie Fraser island
Fun at Lake Mackenzie, Fraser island

What for you is essential to pack for people looking to do this trip and is there anything you didn't have that you wish had with you?

Ooh, that's a tough one. I would say make sure you bring flip-flops, because when you're in the hostels and you're in the shower, you don't want to be walking around in a shower room with bare feet, that is disgusting. So flip-flops are a must.

I also recommend a travel diary, because it's nice looking back on what you've done.Sometimes you can forget the little things, so that's quite nice to look back on. Also sunscreen , Lots of sunscreen.

Did you get sunburnt?

Yeah, I'm quite pasty as well so I did get really sunburnt quite a few times.

Don't worry, it happens, it happens to the best of us.

Ha-ha, Yep.

Bridgeclimb Sydney
Enjoying the Bridgeclimb in Sydney.
Lake Mackenzie Fraser island
Fun at Lake Mackenzie, Fraser island
4 X 4 Fraser island
Driving 4 x 4's on Fraser island
The Whitsundays
A titanic moment on the Whitsundays
Stunning Lake Mackenzie
Stunning Lake Mackenzie
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