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One Stop Adventures Review: Jack Lewis – East Coast Australia Trip

East Coast Australia Tour
East Coast Australia Tour

Jack Lewis - Travelled the East Coast with One Stop Adventures October and November 2016.

Hey Jack! How long was your East Coast Trip for?

It was four weeks bang on!

What made you decide to book with us?

You guys seemed really good like you knew your stuff, and I thought, "Well, why go anywhere else?"

And you were traveling solo, weren't you?

I was traveling solo yep.

Do you have any advice to solo travellers doing this trip on how to make friends?

The best way to make friends along the East Coast is to buy a box of goon, and you will have the time of your life. On the East Coast, everyone you meet is doing a similar itinerary. Even if you're in a group, or you're solo traveling, you're all doing the same thing, so don't sit in a chair reading a book. Go out, talk to people because 9 times out of 10, they're awesome guys just like yourself.

The Whitsundays is incredible I saw dolphins, turtles in crystal clear water.

East Coast Australia Tour

Tell us in a bit of depth about your trip. What are some highlights?

I'll tell you what, let's go all the way down. Let's start at Magnetic Island, where I first arrived on the ferry. Now this was my first ferry in Australia and It was a bit of a worry for me I may get sea sick but the ferry guys were easy, you know, "Go on, sit down, chill out." Luckily, it’s a short 25 minute trip to get to Magnetic Island. I recommend renting a Jeep to explore the island and then you can go off-roading, you can scare the girls; and, yes, your head will hit the roof of your car because you're driving over rocks. And, yes, it does hurt.

You can literally drive onto the beach, which is freaking awesome. Just don't get stuck because you will be there for hours until someone arrives. The sunset was the highlight on Magnetic Island, there's also some viewpoints that you guys can go and check out. Magnetic Island itself is quite a small island. I did two nights there, I stayed at Base Hostel was very welcoming, and they sorted out my Jeep and everything. It’s on the beach, and we stayed in these little huts, which was incredible.

Where did you head to after that?

So, from Magnetic Island, we got a return ferry back to the mainland and went to Airlie Beach.

So you visited the Whitsundays? What boat did you do?

We did the Apollo which was awesome, I wouldn't change it for the world. The Whitsundays is incredible I saw dolphins, turtles in crystal clear water. We went to the famous Whitehaven Beach.  If you haven't been to Whitehaven Beach, and you're in Australia, you haven't been to Australia. You need to go to Whitehaven Beach. When they say you can exfoliate yourself with the sand, just know you can exfoliate yourself with the sand, it's that hard. It's bloody awesome.

Where’d you head next?

1770, Clinton and I chatted about 1770. There's isn't much to do there, but I recommend doing Castaway Survivor. It's awesome. You can drive a boat around the whole area, we slept in hammocks - you can choose a tent or a hammock.

I did two nights on the Castaway trip. On this little island, it's not really an organized trip so you can do whatever you want, as long as it's in the safety regulations. You can go swimming, you can go fishing, you can go walk up a lighthouse and see all the wildlife and kangaroos. It's quite an open trip once you get on the island itself, if you're safe.

Was that all the highlights, or was there something else that you really enjoyed?

We did Fraser Island from Rainbow Beach. Fraser Island is awesome. If you've got a drivers license you can drive on the tag along trips! You're in a Jeep, and you have 4 or 5 in a Jeep, you get loads of time driving on the island. That was a two night, three-day trip. You drive from mainland over onto Fraser Island and drive along all these beaches, you go see different bays, and then you go to the famous Lake Mackenzie.

Can you recommend a favourite bar that you visited on the trip? Any memorable ones?

I don’t have a definite favourite as there were so many awesome bars I went to along the way, even the bars in the hostels are great and have something on most nights.

Did you have a favourite accommodation?

Yes, I did. My favourite place was Bunk in Brisbane, where we also stopped at on the East Coast on the way down. I would definitely recommend staying at Bunk in Brisbane. I think it was like a 10 minute bus ride into the city. You got 15 minute bus ride over to Southbank. It's modern, probably one of the best hostels I stayed along the way.

Also stay in  Bunk in Surfer's Paradise. That was very new, very modern, it had a hot tub and you can drink in the hot tub.

What was the best part of your trip?

My Skydive at mission beach definitely, Clinton told me I needed to do my skydive there and he was right. That was my first stop. I did that about two days before I set off on my East Coast, but I would fly back up and do it again. It was just incredible. When they say you can see the Great Barrier Reef, you can see the Great Barrier Reef and the crew were so welcoming. Absolutely amazing, I wouldn't do it anywhere else apart from Mission Beach because it's just incredible.

East Coast Australia Tour

Is there something you feel like you missed on your trip?

Take sun screen. Try to plan it, speak to these guys, speak to Clinton they will tell you the best time to do it. I got very lucky. I did mine in October to mid-November, and I could count one to two rainy days. Mostly it was glorious sunshine, beach day every day, and possibly longer. I did 4 weeks. 4 weeks is more than enough, but you can do 5, 6, 7 weeks. Some people do like up to 2-3 weeks, and they're happy. But take your time and do everything because, trust me, you'll have a better time.

Do you have any tips for anyone thinking of doing this trip?

A few friends have gone to Coffs Harbour. I wish I did, but I still have time, so it's probably somewhere I'm going to go and visit. It's just another little box to tick off. If you're gonna do the East Coast, I'd recommend not listening to "don't do this, don't do that," do the whole lot. Save your money, and do the whole lot.

What would you say is essential to pack, for other people looking to do a similar trip? Or, is there anything you wished that you had with you?

Sunscreen was pretty important. There’s plenty of beach days so make sure you have with you a couple of swim trunks, just because they get a bit soggy and smelly from being in the sea water. So probably take a couple pairs of swimmers. For Whitsundays and Fraser island, you just take a little handbag of one to two days of clothing, so make sure you've got a little rucksack.

East Coast Australia Tour
Skydiving at Mission beach!
East Coast Australia Tour
Hand feeding a wallaby
East Coast Australia Tour
Jack loving Lake Mackenzie
East Coast Australia Tour
Jack caught a crab on Castaway!
East Coast Australia Tour
Jack with a Turtle on the Great barrier Reef.
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