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One Stop Adventures Review: Lidia – East Coast Australia Trip

Family with Kangaroo
Lidia on the beach

Lidia Pirovano -
Travelled the East Coast with her family for Christmas and New Years 2015/2016

What trip did you do with One Stop Adventures and how long was your trip for?

Basically I wanted to have a trip organized for me and my family, so I needed some help. I asked Clinton from One Stop Adventures to help me book all the different tours, and all the different accommodations for my trip.

What made you decide to book with us?

Well, a friend of mine recommended your agency in the first place, and then when I came to you and asked you for some information, I thought I could rely on you. You were super friendly, and I thought yes, it is going to be what I'm going to do. I'm going to ask him for some help, and It’s going to be great.

How many people were you traveling with?

I wanted to organize a trip with my family and some friends of my family, because after one year in Australia they wanted to come and visit me. It was quite hard to organize it because we were nine people traveling together and doing some stuff on the East Coast.

Do you have any tips for maintaining a strong friendship while traveling with other people?

Well, it's quite hard since your family and everyone thinks whatever they think and they say what they think. But for sure you should be open-minded and flexible, and accept everything you find along the way.

It was all over Christmas and New Year's Eve, it was awesome.

12 apostles, Great Ocean Road
Lidia at the twelve apostles on the Great Ocean Road

Where exactly did you go on your trip and what are some highlights?

We started on the Gold Coast. We stayed in Surfers Paradise and then we went a little bit along the way to Byron Bay, Burleigh Heads, Coolangatta, and everything around that area.

Then we moved to Airlie beach, where we spent one night before taking a tour to the Whitsunday Islands. After that, down to Melbourne to see the Great Ocean Road, then Sydney we toured around the city and  the Blue mountains.

That was all over Christmas, wasn't it?

Yes, it was all over Christmas and New Year's Eve, it was awesome.

Can you recommend a favourite bar that you visited?

We didn’t go to many but we went to the Opera bar which is the one just below the Opera house in Sydney. Even though it is a bit expensive, I was in love with the view. I would definitely recommend it.

Do you have a favourite accommodation or a place that you stayed at on your trip?

We stayed in backpacker hostels, the best one  was Base in Airlie Beach because of their surroundings and the nice garden all around. It was very nice there.

Is there something you feel that you missed out on or you would like to do again?

Do again, over and over again the Whitsundays tour. That was the best. The highlight. But the one thing I missed about Australia was Uluru. It was totally out of the way, so we couldn't go there. My next time to Australia, I will do that.

Why was the Whitsundays your favourite?

Well, first of all because we spent the night on the boat and that was something I have never tried before, that was my first time. It's amazing to hang out on the boat all day long and the only thing you have to think about is where I'm going to arrive and where I'm going to go snorkelling.

Lidia Stuck in Vegemite
Lidia Stuck in Vegemite!

Do you have any tips for anyone looking to do a similar trip?

I would recommend, if you have time, to do it on the road, because you can at least go many more places that we couldn't, because we didn't have time, so we had to fly from one place to another, but definitely going on the road would be much better.

What for you is essential to pack for people looking to do a similar trip? Is there anything you didn't have with you that you wish you had?

A better camera. I took all the pictures with my phone and with a small camera, but if you have a nice one, a big one and you know how to use it, that's much better.

Surfers paradise
Lidia and family at Surfers Paradise
Family and Kangaroo
Lidia and family making new friends on the coast
12 apostles, Great Ocean Road
Lidia at the twelve apostles on the Great Ocean Road
family time
Lidia enjoying some family time
Hosier Lane, Melbourne
Exploring Hosier lane, Melbourne
Beach time
Enjoying some beach time!
Lidia Stuck in Vegemite
Lidia Stuck in Vegemite!
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