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One Stop Adventures Review: Maisie Hughes – East Coast Australia trip

Maisie hughes

Maisie Hughes
Travelled the East Coast of Australia with One Stop Adventures

Hi! My name's Maisie Hughes. I'm 19, but I was 18 when I did my trip. I'm from Kent in England and I love to travel.

What trip did you do with One Stop Adventures and for how long?

I did an East Coast of Australia trip and it was for five weeks.

What made you decide to book with us?

I booked with you guys because you gave me the best deal with the best price, compared to a lot of other travel agencies and you literally let me create my own itinerary without having to do any work, so it was pretty good. Couldn't turn it down.

Excellent. Were you traveling alone or were you traveling with someone?

I was traveling with a friend.

Do you have any tips for maintaining a strong friendship while traveling together with someone else?

Well obviously you're going to have little disagreements, because you're with each other 24/7, but just let them go over your head and just remember why you came traveling together. Give each other a little bit of space when you need it, otherwise you'll just get really sick of each other. It's like being in a relationship, so you just give each other space, but have fun.

The tour guide showed you all the best places, but you also got a lot of freedom as well to just like chill out and do your own thing.

Scuba time!

Where did you go on your trip and what are some of the highlights?

I went from Cairns, which is in Queensland, all the way down to Sydney. And the best bits were Magnetic Island, which is a beautiful island off Townsville. We hired 4x4's and explored the island and it was so, so good.

The Whitsundays where we did a three-day boat trip and I was on the party boat – the Atlantic Clipper. That was really fun with a really good crew. we went to the famous Whitehaven beach where the sand is just amazing and you can wash your hair, wash your skin, wash your teeth with it, and you're just squeaky clean afterwards. It was so, so beautiful.

Fraser Island was probably my favourite place of the whole trip, where we just explored the island for three days, we camped out and made some really good friends there. We saw dingos and drank loads of goon, so that was really good.

Can you say exactly why Fraser was your favourite part?

It was a real camping experience. You're on the island 24/7, for the whole weekend, compared to the Whit Sundays where you're actually on the boat for most of the weekend. It's still really good, but Fraser, you're actually on the island and you sort of feel like a native. The camping is really fun and we had a really good tour guide and made some really good friends. The tour guide showed you all the best places, but you also got a lot of freedom as well to just like chill out and do your own thing.

Can you recommend favourite bar that you visited on your trip at all?

My favourite bar was Cheeky Monkeys in Byron Bay. It had a really fun cool vibe and the hostel that we stayed at, gave us vouchers to get half price meals there which was a bonus! We ended up getting a massive steak, chips and a free drink for about seven bucks! Every night, is a different theme and we were there on the Friday night and it was a UV paint party which was so much fun. The paint didn't come off for a few days but it was worth it.

Did you have a favourite accommodation?

My favourite accommodation was Base Hostel on Magnetic Island, because it was right on the beach and it was amazing entertainment at night, loads of drinking games and drinking competitions, but also really chilled out. There's hammocks everywhere, a really nice pool It’s was right on the beach so it was definitely my favourite.

Is there something you feel you missed on or something that you'd like to do again?

I feel like I missed out on going to Nimbin, which is a little hippie town outside of Byron Bay. I really wanted to go there but we just didn't have time. We were only in Byron for a couple of days, so we just didn't have time to do it. But if I could go back, I'd definitely do that.

I would love to sky dive again, that was amazing. I can't even explain the feeling when you just jump out of a plane and you're just like flying, it's so, so good. I'd definitely do that again. I'd recommend sky diving to anyone, especially at Mission beach.

Making Friends!

Do you have any tips for anyone thinking of doing a similar sort of trip?

I would say when things go wrong and they probably will go wrong, maybe your coach is delayed or something like that or you can't do a certain trip, just stay calm and just accept that it’s happened and just move on, little things will go wrong when you travel and you just got to accept it and not beat yourself up over it.

Also, have the motto that you've got to live. If there's something that you really want to do, just do it. Don't even think about it, even if it's expensive, just do it because you might not ever have the chance to do it again.

What for you, is essential to pack for people looking to do a trip like this? Is there anything you didn't have that you wish you had with you?

There's nothing that I didn't have that I wanted, at the end of the day, if you forget to pack something, then you can just buy it while you’re here. I’d also say don't over pack, which is what I did and most travellers will do. It's a rookie mistake because you need less than you think, especially if you're going to go in summer, because you're going to be just wearing next to nothing every day because it's so hot. One thing I would say definitely bring, is a micro fibre towel, because it's so small. You can literally scrunch up in a ball in your backpack or suitcase and it dries you so quick. So definitely get one of them.

Maisie Hughes
Enjoying an Aussie Christmas
Beach shot
A shot with the group in the whitsundays
beach shot
Loving life on the beach
glow party
Glow party!
Gymnastics at the beach
Enjoying an amazing sunset on the whitsundays
Learning to surf!
Making Friends!
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