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Review of Elke Ebenhoh East Coast Australia Tour

Indian Head Fraser Island
Profile Pic Elke

Elke Ebenhoh
World Traveller

I am speaking with Elke about her East Coast trip. Tell us a bit about yourself?

Hello, my name is Elke, I'm 27 years old. I'm finishing my Masters now. I have finished my Masters thesis before I came here in Bali. My exam is going to be in January. To be honest, I wanted to finish everything before my travels but sometimes life goes different ways and that is why I have still to make my exam, but this was a very good break to get energy again and then start again learning for exams. This was a perfect pause in between.

Are you going back to Bali?

No, I am heading back to Austria on the 19th of December this year.

What did you do with One Stop Adventures and how long for?

I was on a great adventure with a lot of stops. I had an amazing trip on the East Coast. I had limited time but I think I saw the most important parts of the East Coast. I'm very happy I chose One Stop Adventures because it was so easy to book with them and very flexible. That was great because for this short time I needed to get as much as I could from my journey and I did it.

Were you traveling alone or with someone?

I came to Australia I came alone though I was never really alone, you meet so many people on your journey as I'm quite old. I started to be the group mother haha, every time I went to a new place everybody was super friendly to me so I was never alone.

You always meet people again when you do the trip. That was the funny thing, I met people on the street in Sydney and then we went to Fraser Island together. You get really nice travel buddies all the way down. You're meeting up again and again, you also make plans to meet up with people you really like.

Would you have any tips for solo travellers and meeting new people?

For me it's very easy because I love to chat to people. If you travel alone, maybe the best thing to do is to stay at hostels because if you don't go to hostels you may end up quite lonely from time to time.

So you would say you get an instant social network when staying in hostels?

You always meet people again when you do the trip. That was the funny thing, I met people on the street in Sydney and then we went to Fraser Island together. You get really nice travel buddies all the way down. You're meeting up again and again, you also make plans to meet up with people you really like.

You try to organize in one destination to meet other people in another destination?

Yes, I have a look at their itinerary and they have a look at mine, so we just compared our itineraries and I saw that friends of mine are in Brisbane and we met again in Brisbane. That was very nice.

Where did you go on your trip and what are some of the highlights?

First I started in Cairns. One of my highlights there was the Rainforest, the Daintree Rainforest because I learned from my Uber driver that is one of the oldest Rainforests in the world. It has the oldest plant seeds, which only exist there anymore. That was very interesting and we had a walk through there was very beautiful and calm. We went barefoot because as I said, it is the oldest Rainforest, we thought it could give us the energy from the floor. That was very interesting.

What other highlights did you have?

My favourite part of my travels I think was the Whitsunday Islands.

Which boat did you go on to explore the Whitsunday Islands?

I went on the Power Play. That was very funny because when I arrived in Airlie Beach I went into the hostel and there was a guy in my room. We just started talking, introducing each other and I told him, yes, I'm going on a boat. He said, yes, which boat because he's working on one of the boats and he said, "But it's very unusual if it's this boat because there's so many boats. Then he told me something was playing, I can't remember, he said, "No, really? Are you going on the Power Play?" That was Steven from the Power Play.

I met one of the guests from the Power Play in my room before. We got really good friends. The Power Play was a very nice boat. It was very mixed. It says 25 to 35, but we had one couple with their daughter, they were over 50, they were from Holland. That was so cool, they were really relaxed, that was a good group. I liked that very much because out there on other boats with party boats and stuff like that. I really would not like that because I heard stories about those boats and that is nothing I want to experience. This boat was really relaxing, the food was amazing. The captain was very nice, explained a lot of good stuff to us also the crew, there were two members because Steven just started working for the company so they were two skippers.

Also, Chilwell, I will meet today in Melbourne, he is the other skipper. They were just so nice and amazing so they got friends and he's going to visit his family. He is from one day here so we go and have a day trip through Melbourne tonight.

In terms of accommodation, what was your favourite accommodation or place you stayed on your trip and what did you think overall of the accommodation that we suggested for you?

The best accommodation was Bunk Surfers Paradise.  

That was an awesome hostel. This hostel was amazing because they all had these pod dorm beds which gave you a lot of privacy which I found to be very nice change from other hostels. . That was the most beautiful hostel I've ever seen, they have a great kitchen, common area with a great outdoor relaxing space with a huge heated spa and pool.

All together, as I told you, I met so many people. Most of them were in different hostels than me, I just met them for the tours. When they talked about their hostels and how not that equipped they were and like 30 people in their rooms, all the hotels where I stayed were much better than theirs. That is one thing that made me very happy, I always thought I was very privileged to be in best hostel of the town. Also, the hostel in Noosa was very nice. the style of the hostel, there were very nice lounge areas. It was so quiet and I could sit there and also learn a little bit for my studies.

That's called Halse Lodge.

On the hill, oh my God, that was so beautiful. That was really good.

The rooms were very basic but the hostel itself was very nice. They have a meet and greet with a good wine. We shard all our traveling stories there and that was very nice.

Do you have any tips for anyone thinking of doing a trip like yours?

We’ve got several bars serving beer, wine and this year a new edition is hot apple cider on all of our bars as well as a mulled wine bar.

In terms of the licensed bar, have you got any types of specialty drinks available?

I would really recommend was this sky dive at Airlie beach. I think that's the best location to do it because you jump out of the plane over the Whitsunday Islands on the Great Barrier Reef. Of course, I was nervous, and it was very exciting but the feeling out there and then soaring over the Whitsunday Islands was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. That was so beautiful, all the colours and the people who did the jumps with us they explained stuff, which island is what. That was so beautiful. I would really recommend to do that.

What's your next adventure, anything planned?

Yes, my brother ... That was a little bit sad, my brother turned 40 when I was not there. I forgot he was 40 this year and I already had planned my trip. With my family gave him a present, a trip to America. We go to San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. I will come with him and that's my next adventure. That's after my exam.

Pool Backpackers Inn
Chilling by the pool at Backpackers Inn
Bunk Brisbane Poolside
Pool Side at Bunk Brisbane
Lake Mackenzie Fraser Island
Lake Mackenzie, Fraser Island
Whitsundays Powerplay Catamaran
The Powerplay boat on the Whitsundays
activities cape trib beach house
Fun activities on the beach
Bunk, Surfers Paradise
Aerial View of Bunk Surfers Paradise
YHA Halse Lodge Noosa
Halse Lodge, Noosa
Pool Area, Bunk
the Pool area at Bunk Surfers Paradise
Broomstick Whitsundays
Whitehaven Beach
Indian Head Fraser Island
Indian Head Fraser Island
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