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Super tips for Jungle Surfing Cape Tribulation

Cape tribulation Jungle Surfing
Georgie Salder

Georgie Sadler
Sales and Marketing Manager -

Jungle Surfing Canopy Tours

Hi Georgie, What is the name of your tour activity? Where are you located? And what do you offer as a product?

We are Jungle Surfing. We're a zip line tour giving people access to the rain forest.  We have seven zip lines, six platforms, and we are located in Cape Tribulation in the Daintree Rainforest in tropical north Queensland.

What age demographic usually travels on your tours?

We have a real mix of demographic on our tours. Predominately we have a lot of families and we get a lot of backpackers. 80% of our customers are between 18-25. We get a lot of people in their forties and fifties. A lot of couples traveling.

What level of fitness would you say you need to participate on this tour?

A low level of fitness is required but you need to be able to walk up a 250 metre hill.

What should people wear when they're coming to do Jungle surfing?

I would recommend wearing open-toed shoes, shorts or trousers, and a tee shirt. Something comfortable as well, something you're comfortable in, not too tight for the tour.

There's no better view than seeing it from the trees up in the zip lines.

Cape tribulation Jungle Surfing

Does it ever get cold enough to wear warm clothing?

I wouldn't think so but if you're from this area,  you might want to wear a jumper in winter to stop you from tropical north Queensland, you might be a bit chilly round, or if it's September time.

Do you offer a range of pick-up and drop-off locations? And what's the average pick-up time, drop-off time?

So we offer pick-ups all from Cape Tribulation. We also do a day tour option that you can be picked up from Port Douglas Northern Beaches or Cairns. And the average drop-off time for Cape Tribulation would be 5-10 minutes after your tour has finished, depending on where you're situated.

What are some of your tips  for things to bring or have prepared when arriving on tour?

Bring a camera along so you can get some cool photos on tour. Make sure you do a bit of research so you know what to expect so if you're a little bit scared of heights, let us know so we can be prepared and give you a bit more information. Generally just come with an open mind and a real interest in the rainforest.

Are people allowed to have go-pros?

Yes, we have go-pro attachments on the helmets. We can also attach them to your harness. So we encourage everyone to bring their own cameras so they can get their own photos on tour.

What kind of training do your guides receive and how experienced are they?

We have a mix level of guides. Everyone gets one month of training where the trainee has to get signed off by a qualified trainer. Our guides also receive protective heights and first aid training, and we have guides that have got a background in tour guiding, climbing, and leisure and recreation. So everyone's got experience in this sort of activities like zip line or rock climbing.

What qualifications, certificates, or awards has your company obtained?

We've won 20 national, state, and regional awards throughout the last 15 years. At the moment we're not in any awards because our director is actually a judge in this year’s tourism awards,  next year we will be going for a few more awards.

How many people usually travel in a Jungle surfing group?

13 max, but if we have pre-arranged tours we can take up to 20.

Is food included or available to purchase on the tour or what options would they have and do you cater with dietary requirements, anything like that?

If the participant would like some snacks, they can grab some snacks at the Jungle Adventure Centre which we'll stop off at prior to their tour but we don't offer any food on tour but we do have water options available if you get thirsty on tour up in the trees.

Where is the Jungle Adventure Centre?

The Jungle Adventure Centre is in the centre of Cape Trib. Just next door to PK's Jungle Village, and it's sign is posted on the way up from Cape Trib.

Can you run me through an itinerary of what the client will experience on the tour?

You'll meet your guide at the Jungle Adventure Centre, or the pick-up location in Cape Trib. Then you'll be sent up the hill to the Jungle  Surfing location where you'll meet your guide. You'll have three guides with you, they'll explain some safety information, get you set up in a harness, pick up a helmet with a helmet name. Then after that it's a short walk up to the hill, the human hamster wheel, along that route you'll take an Evolutionary timeline that we've created to get people a bit more information. Then the human hamster wheel, then you go in pairs jump around in the human hamster wheel, and it takes the first set of people up to the first platform. And you've got six platforms and seven zip lines.

Jungle Surfing Cape Tribulation

With the human hamster wheel, what is that about?

The human hamster wheel is our nifty way to get people up the first the platform. Originally we used to just have a winch which was a bit like a ski lift and the guide would have to literally pull it around. About five years ago,  we created a human hamster wheel, it's literally a hamster wheel but it's a massive size. People get into it, walk around like you would a treadmill, and then that winches people up the first platform.

Are there any extra costs or optional extras to be aware of or be prepared for?

Everything in your Jungle Surfing tour is included. We do offer paid photography on tour. So that's twenty dollars for one photo and five dollars for any photo after that. But we do encourage people to bring their own cameras and that is free of charge. So you've got that option too. Other than that everything is included.

When is the best time of year to travel on your product?

All year round is great. You'll get a different experience depending what time of year you come. So if you come in the winter you'll be cooler, probably sunnier. If you come in the summer you'll get the rainforest experience where it'll be raining. Actually a lot of guests we find really enjoy it in the wet season because it's a real eye-opener for them. They get to see the rainforest in its true glory!

Do you see any wildlife on your tours?

We do have tree kangaroos that we regularly see on tour. So they're not scared of the zip lines anymore so they do sometimes come check us out. If you're lucky you might get to see one of these and sometimes the Boyd forest dragons, selection of different wildlife butterflies, green ants, and occasionally a few different birds. It really just depends on the tour but the tree kangaroos is the main one people are often seeing.

Is there a chance to see a cassowary on the way?

Occasionally, we have seen a few cassowary's. Your main bet to seeing a cassowary is probably on the road. They tend to avoid our property and hang out on the roads. So when you drive up keep your eyes peeled.

Do you have a high and low season. If so, how far in advance should people be booking to secure a spot on your tour?

If they're traveling in school holidays I'd recommend on giving it at least a one week to two weeks notice because we get really busy in that period.

When is school holidays?

The main school holidays period we're really busy in is June-July holidays. So everyone down south is escaping the winter and cruising up to see us. Other than that any school holidays can get particularly busy.  

Do you have any safety systems and procedures in place for the travellers?

All of the tours have a list of safety procedures. The guides follow all those safety procedures throughout the tour.

So they get a briefing when they check in?

They'll get a safety procedure about not touching their harness, anything to do with their equipment they need to contact a guide to let them touch their equipment. All the guides are given proper safety briefings. They all have correct information.

So why should travellers choose your product?

Travellers should choose our product because they need to see the rainforest from up above. We always seem to get under the water to see the Great Barrier Reef but you really need to off the ground to see the Daintree Rainforest. Being it's the oldest rainforest in the world, if you're up this neck of the woods you really need to come and experience it. There's no better view than seeing it from the trees up in the zip lines.

Can you see the ocean and the reef from the platforms while Jungle surfing?

You can see the ocean, you can see the coral reef, you can also see a stream when it's wet season. You get some really gorgeous views of the mountain area as well.

I also noticed Jungle Surfing Canopy Tours offer night walks, what would the night walk entail?

The night walk is a two-hour guided walk through the forest. It's on the same property as the Jungle Surfing. We have a series of trails that we take customers on depending on their level of fitness. You do need a moderate level of fitness for that tour. We do take little ones as young as eight on that tour and it's forty-five dollars per person. And it's a really great way to connect with the forest and really see the forest in its true glory at night. At night the forest creatures come out and you can see Boyd forest dragons, we see a lot of different spiders, we also see musky tree rats, we see green tree frogs, we see different types of snakes.  We sometimes see tree kangaroos, we've had a couple of sightings of those at night as well. Lots of different creepy crawlies, insects, you name it. 

Will the guide be able to tell you about all those creatures and plants?

We have three main night walk guides, two of those have actually been living in the Daintree for over twenty years each so they've got a wealth of knowledge. One’s got a science background as well so they've all got really good knowledge of the rainforest.

Is there anything else that we left out or any other advice that you'd just recommend for people who are looking into Jungle Surfing?

We’ve pretty much covered it for you. Just come along, have some fun.

Cape tribulation Jungle Surfing
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Jungle Surfing Cape Tribulation
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