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Top tips for the Fantastic Barossa Valley Winery Day tour

Barossa Valley Wine Tasting

Georgina Tsorvas
Barossa Valley Guru

Hi, Georgina. What is the name of your tour activity? Where are you located? And what do you offer as a product?

Hi, Paul. I will be telling you about the Barossa Valley Day Tour. We are based in Adelaide, South Australia. And we run this tour out to the Barossa Valley region from here. It's a full day wine tasting tour with five wineries, and a gourmet lunch included. Pick up and drop off from Adelaide City.

What age demographic usually travels on your tour?

We get a variety between eighteen to sixty-five years old. But majority are younger; between eighteen to thirty-five.

What level of fitness would you say you need to participate on this tour? …As long as you're over eighteen and happy to have a couple of wines along the way?

Yes, exactly. Our bus takes you from A to B, so there's not really any hiking or walks involved on this one. You just sit back and relax.

What are the main wineries that you'd be visiting on the Barossa day tour?

So we visit the Jacobs Creek Visitor Centre, Kies Winery, Saltram’s Wine Estate, Wolf Blass, and Lambert's Estate. So you've got five wineries, which is really good.

I think we have great value for money. We visit five wineries, and lunch, and three different attractions, as well. I don't think you would get the price that we offer for that anywhere else plus you travel with like minded travellers.

What would you say is unique and special about the wineries that you take your passengers to?

Well, we do a very good variety, I find. So we've got Jacobs Creek and Wolf Blass, which are world renowned wineries. Their products are everywhere, so people are quite familiar with those ones. But then we also go to some smaller cellars, like Kies Family Wines. Kies Family Winery is quite unique, as you get that more personal experience. It’s a small cellar door, you have a good laugh with the people behind the counter.

Do you pick up from all major hostels and hotels in this Adelaide CBD?

Yes we do pick up from most Adelaide Hotels or Hostels in the CBD and we also do ain Glenelg. So even if we don't have your hostel or hotel on our list, we usually have a pick up that's relatively close or at the most a five minute walk away.

What's the average pick up and drop off time? So what time would they be leaving in the morning, and what time do they usually get back?

We pick up around the city at around 7:30 am. And Glenelg at 7:15am. And we get back in at 17:30pm.

What kind of training do your guys receive, and how experienced are they on the Barossa Valley?

Our guides need to be certified to drive a heavy vehicle on an LR license. They also need to be qualified and responsible to drive passengers, which they have to get their passengers accreditation, they also need to provide their first aid certificate and some very interesting wine knowledge and humour.

What type of vehicle does your company offer guests?

We run a 21 seater Toyota Coaster. It's like a smaller coach, it's not one of those main big ones. It’s got air conditioning, heating, and it's got a stereo and music.

Is food included or available to purchase on the tour? If so, what are the options? And do you cater for travellers with dietary requirements?

Yes, food is included. We offer a lunch at the winery, and it's gourmet pizzas with some salad and some hot chips. We also get a free coffee and tea after that winery that we can take on to the next wine tasting. And we cater for all dietary requirements at no extra cost.

Can you run me through an itinerary of what the client will experience on the tour?

Once we pick you up from Adelaide, we will head northeast, kind of the eastern side of Adelaide.

We go to Gumeracha and there, we view the Giant wooden rocking horse, which is a giant wooden rocking horse and there's a wooden toy factory there as well, and you can also see some kangaroos and wallabies in a little wildlife area there.

We then go on to the Whispering Wall. It's also known as Barossa Reservoir.

After there, we hit our first winery, which is Jacobs Creek, for our tour and wine tasting of That Cellar Door and then on to Kies Winery for another wine tasting. And then we get to Saltram’s Wine Estate, where we do a wine tasting in their underground cellar, which is quite cool. And then we have lunch. And from there, we go to Wolf Blass Winery. And then Lamberts Estate after that, to finish off.

And then, on the way back home, we usually stop at a lookout, which looks out over all of Adelaide. It's quite great.

Can passengers purchase their own wine to take home with them?

Yes, they certainly can.

Is there any optional extra costs that they should be aware of?

Not on the Barossa Valley Tour. Unless they really like the wine and they do want to purchase, obviously.

What’s the best time of year to travel on the Barossa Valley?

The Barossa can be all year round, just because we do travel in the coach, and we are inside the winery. So weather doesn't really affect it at all.

Do you have high and low season? And if so, how far in advance should people be booking to secure a spot on the tour?

Summer is our usually peak season. Availability is quite dependable though. So it really does depend. Rarely you can book the day before as sometimes it could be sold out already so it is best to book in advance to save disappointment.

Do you have safety systems and procedures in place for this tour for the travellers?

All our guides are certified in their first aid, should any emergencies arise. And they do enforce that the passengers wear seat belts in the bus.

Why should travellers choose to do this Barossa tour over any other?

I think we have great value for money. We visit five wineries, and lunch, and three different attractions, as well. I don't think you would get the price that we offer for that anywhere else plus you travel with like minded travellers.

What should passengers bring for this tour? Should they bring bottles of water? Or do you have water included?

Yes, they can get water at the wineries. There is glasses there, and they can help themselves. It's pretty much just their personal belongings and a camera, really. They wouldn't need much else.

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