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Travelling Australia with Greyhound, All you need to know!

Greyhound Australia
Kasey Cooke Greyhound

Kasey Cooke
Domestic Account Manager - Greyhound

Hi Kasey, what is Greyhound and what do you offer as a product?

Greyhound is Australia's only national coach company, and as a product we offer a huge range of flexible travel options to fully independent travellers and that can be point-to-point ticket or a bus passes.

What age demographic usually travels on Greyhound?

We carry a huge range of passengers and they're not just backpackers. The average customer can vary between each region, but generally speaking, across the East Coast our passengers will be between the age of 19 and 35.

Do you offer a range of pick up and drop off locations, and where are they mainly located in each destination?

Greyhound has over 250 different coach stops across Australia and most of them are centrally located. So, that means the customers have it easy when they get off the coach. They don't have to worry about transporting on the side of the highway or getting alternative transport to the hotels and things like that.

What are some tips for travellers to bring or have prepared before arriving for their journey?

Definitely take a pillow and a blanket, and some entertainment as well as some water and some snacks.

Greyhound has over 250 different coach stops across Australia and most of them are centrally located. So, that means the customers have it easy when they get off the coach. They don't have to worry about stopping on the side of the highway or organising transport to the hotels and things like that.

What are the luggage limit guidelines that people should be aware of before arriving?

You can take two bags up to 20 kilos each, and then you can take one piece of carry on at 8 kilos.

What kind of training or qualifications do your drivers have or receive, and how experienced are they?

All of our drivers are experienced. They come to Greyhound already qualified in heavy vehicle driving and with our training that they get especially focused on the regions and the specific runs that they do, as well as customer service.

How often are the buses upgraded or maintained?

With the large number of fleet that we have, we have a variety of vehicles. Most of them are only a few years old on the East Coast, but the maintenance schedule is really dependent on the vehicle itself. But, all in all, they meet work safe manufacturing requirements.

What qualifications, certificates, or awards has your company obtained?

We've been operating for over 110 years, which means that we've received quite a bit in our time. But most recently, we've been awarded the Best Transport in Australia at the Golden Backpack awards 12 times with the most recent one being last week!

Congratulations! What type of vehicles does your company offer guests? How many people usually travel on a Greyhound bus?

Generally we offer coaches and though we have a fair few different varieties, which I won't go into unless there's a lot of bus nerds out there. But, we generally carry up to 25 to 50 passengers a coach.

Is there a toilet on the bus?

Absolutely, yes.

Is food available to purchase on the bus at all?

No, you can’t purchase food on the bus, but you can take your own drinks in screw cap containers and snacks. But, no hot food. We also have a meal break app, which you can download, which means you can pre-order your food when meal break starts, which means you don't have to be wasting time finding out what you want and give you more time for bathroom breaks, stretch your legs or anything else that you had planned to do in your break.

Are you able to just show up and jump on a bus, or do you need to book in advance?

So, our preference is definitely please to book and pay in advance. You can purchase a ticket off the side of the road from the driver, but during peak times you're not necessarily going to succeed to get a seat. So, it's definitely recommended to book ahead.

Do you offer on board entertainment for guests?

No. Everyone needs to bring their own device and movies.

Are you able to charge electronic devices on board?

Yes, each coach is fitted with USB ports. But, we don't have any electrical ports.

Is there Wi-Fi available? Do you have to pay for it?

Yes, our Express fleet is fitted with free Wi-Fi. But, of course, the internet in Australia is not necessarily as good as UK and Europe. So, there are some black spots along the way and, in particular, out West where there's just no coverage.

What passes does Greyhound offer?

We offer Hop On, Hop Off passes, they are generally  going between two major cities, we have those along the East Coast. And, then shorter distances between major hubs like Sydney and Melbourne. But, then we also have passes between Adelaide and Darwin too.

What's the most popular bus pass?

By far, that would be our Sydney to Cairns Hop On, Hop Off.

Do you have a high and low season? And, if so, how far in advance should people book to secure a spot on the bus?

We definitely do have high season and low season. Everyone seems to want to travel around Christmas and New Years, which is the summer in Australia. And, during the peak, we do recommend you try and book in advance as far as possible, sometimes up to two weeks. But, generally, during the low season or shoulder season just 24 hours before is fine.

Do you have safety systems and procedures in place?

Yes, absolutely. Greyhound is huge on safety and the culture is ingrained within our business. In terms of the coaches themselves, every seat is fitted with a seatbelt and it must be worn at all times during travel.

What is your policy if someone traveling on a bus pass misses their bus?

Generally, they do forfeit the ticket. We are quite flexible with our bus passes in that you can call our call centre up to 15 minutes before departure to cancel and rebook. But, if you do not show up, then you generally have to pay again. But, it is reviewed on a case by case basis.

Why should travellers choose Greyhound over other services?

We have all the mod con onboard necessities like Wi-Fi and USB chargers. But, I think outside of that it's really the multiple coaches that set us apart. So, it means that customers can potentially fit their holiday around their travel and not their travel around their holiday, which provides people with more options, and it provides for a better experience.

What's the maximum amount of departures that you have per day between two locations?

That's on the East Coast, and during the peak that would be three services a day out of Sydney up to Brisbane.  Generally speaking, meaning daily departures at least. But, between Canberra and Sydney there's six in each direction. 

Is there any other tips or advice or anything I've missed that you would like to suggest to travellers?

Australia is a really, really big place. So, definitely make sure to plan your itineraries. Make the most of it. And, we definitely suggest using the overnight coaches as an alternative to save on a night hotel accommodations. The coaches are really comfy and you can sleep in them. And, it means you're gonna save some money and wake up refreshed in your destination.

Greyhound Australia
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