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Wake up Byron Bay | Best Budget accommodation in Byron Bay

Surfboard and Bike Hire Wake Up Byron Bay
Andy Cowen Profile

Andy Cowan
Sales and Marketing Manager

Hi Andy, what is the name of your hostel? Where are you located? How long have you been open?

Hi Paul, The hostel's called Wake Up! Byron Bay. It's a brand new hostel, and we have just opened in early May 2018.

What would you say sets you apart from other hostels in Byron Bay?

Our location is really unique. Whilst not being bang in the middle of town, but literally a 30 second walk from the beach, which, for anyone traveling to Byron Bay, is a must, you're spending a lot of time there. So, I think being close to the beach, and I think, as well, all of our free inclusions is definitely a big plus.

How do you get to and from the bus station or the airport?

There's a main bus station in Byron Bay, which everyone gets dropped off at from the airport, whether it's you're coming from the airport on your Greyhound trip, on your Greyhound Trip, or anything like that. So, there's a bay and bus shed. We have a Wake Up! Shuttle, which does pick ups there, so that every half hour to an hour, and on request as well. So, if you let us know when you're arriving, we'll be sure to have someone there waiting for you. For Airport Transfers there is a shuttle bus you can catch from wither Gold Coast (Cooloongatta Airport) or Ballina Airport that will drop you off at Wake Up! Byron Bay.

What type of rooms are available at the accommodation and how long do people usually stay at Wake Up Byron Bay?

We've got mixed accommodation, starting from 12 shared dormitories, all the way up to our on-suite private rooms. We've got a mix of eight shares, a couple of 10s as well. But, look, generally it is really catered to backpackers coming through Byron. So, people normally are looking at sort of, five days to a week.

We've got plenty of free activities and free hire options for the guests. Including, we've got free paddleboard hire, free surfboard hire, free bike hire, as well as a few free other add-ons as well.

Do you have a time of year for high or low season? Events that travellers should be aware of?

Yeah, in terms of events, there's definitely a few spike events. Like, Byron Bay Blues Festival. Splendour in the Grass and Falls Festival.   Byron really does fill up over that time. Otherwise, generally speaking, over summer, Byron does really fill up. So, it's best if you're looking to stay in Byron this summer, try looking and book early there because there is a high demand for beds over summer.

How many beds are in the hostel?

We've got 260 beds.

Wow, that's awesome. What facilities do you have on offer at your hostel there?

So, we've got a range of facilities. So, there's shared, there's plenty of shared bathrooms as well as a large cooking space for guests plus large communal areas. Free Wi-Fi throughout the hostel as well. We've got plenty of free activities and free hire options for the guests. Including, we've got free paddleboard hire, free surfboard hire, free bike hire, as well as a few free other add-ons as well.

Do you have a kitchen where they can cook their own meals?

We've got a brand-new large kitchen with all new stove, large stove tops. Brand new fridges in, and we've also got food lockers as well, so guys can actually lock up their own food in the kitchen area, which is a big plus.

Where's the closest supermarket or 24-hour convenience store?

We've got a short five minute van ride into town. There's a Woolworths as well as an Aldi, as well, which is really close by.

How often does the van go into town?

The van goes every half hour to an hour depending on at least, and then on demand, if there's a group that wants to in, the guy, the van can go in. It's also if you wanted to walk, it's only a 15, 20 minute walk into town

Nice, walk along the beach?

Yes, on the beach it's actually a bit shorter.

When checking in, what should guests have ready? Do you offer luggage storage? Early check ins, check outs?

When checking in, you need your passport there ready to go, but aside from that, you can arrive as early as you like. Generally, our check ins are at 2:00pm, but we always endeavour to have our rooms ready for the guests before, if they are there early and their rooms are ready, we'll get them into the room. If, for whatever reason, they're not, the guests are welcome to store their bags, hit the beach, use our facilities until their rooms are ready.

Cool. So, you mentioned free stuff before. What sort of free stuff, activities, events do you offer?

We really pride ourselves on adding a lot of value at free events and activities for guests to do. So, starting with the free hire, there's free surfboard hire, free paddleboard hire, and free bike hire for all guests.

There's no charge at all. As well as that, we're running yoga classes on the beach and our yoga team twice a week. Also running one free personal training lesson with a certified instructor that comes in every week for guests. As well as that, we're doing a sunrise lighthouse walk where guests will all meet and go up to, walk up to the lighthouse to get their Instagram moment and take that sunrise shot. Those all are daily activities. Nightly, we're doing an all-you-can-eat pizza night, we do a big barbecue on Friday, we also do nightly visits into town for some of the cool bars in Byron.

So, as you can see, there's plenty going on there. Top off and finish the week with free pancakes, which, I think, everyone loves.

Awesome, so obviously, what would guests find most surprising about Wake Up! In Byron?

I think, probably all the things I just mentioned. I think you got to a lot of other, you know, properties and things like that, and you do have to pay for a lot of the value adds. I think, given the quality of it, and that you don't have to pay for all of those things, it really adds for an overall experience. I think, having the, you know, paddleboards, surfboards, the bikes, it allows you, your one stop shop to you know, really enjoy and embrace Byron without any extra charge except for just a bed.

Do you have lockers for guest's luggage?

Every room, each guest, every guest, whether they're in a dorm or a private room, will have their own individual locker. The lockers are quite large, so you can fit a medium-sized rucksack in there, but definitely all your belongings and everything like that. So, definitely a lot of safety and security there.

Can travellers charge their phones and electronic devices in their room?

Throughout the hostel, we actually have plenty of USB charge points, and power points. But, which is a great highlight and every single room. Every single room has a light box next to their bed. The light box complete with a power point as well as a USB charge point next to every bed, no matter the size of the dorm.

Where's your closest late night eatery as there is no KFC or McDonald's in Byron Bay.

There's a couple of cracking pizza joints where you can get a late night slice from that I'd recommend in Byron. Don't know any of their names, but I know that they're all good. As well as there's also, I think, Guzman Y Gomez if you want to get your taco feed as well. We have the Treehouse Café next door to Wake Up Byron Bay which is a bar and restaurant with amazing food and drinks available, unfortunately that is not a late night haunt, but well worth it during opening hours.

So, most important question is, do you have a hostel dog and can Chunk (aka One Stop Adventures CEO Bulldog) be a mascot?

Look, we have no hostel dog yet, so definitely it can be Chunk, he can be the chief mascot, no dramas there.

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