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Q1 Skypoint Climb
Q1 Skypoint Climb IFLY Indoor Skydiving Q1 Skypoint Climb IFLY Indoor Skydiving Q1 Skypoint Climb IFLY Indoor Skydiving Q1 Skypoint Climb Q1 Skypoint Climb Bunk Surfers Paradise Bunk Kitchen Bunk Surfers Pool Area, Bunk Bunk, Surfers Paradise

Gold Coast Get High package – 2 nights plus SkyPoint climb and IFLY indoor Skydiving

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Dorm share
2 days, 2 nights
While on activities/tours
Enjoy 2 nights in the heart of Surfers Paradise and do the skypoint climb and indoor skydive!

This package includes 2 nights in the heart of Surfers Paradise and the amazing and newly renovated Bunk Backpackers as well as the famous Skypoint climb at the top of the Q1 resort Building and the IFLY indoor Skydiving intro package.

The famous Q1 Resort building is located right in the heart of Surfers paradise and the thrilling Skypoint climb awaits at the top.

It’s a 90 minute, 270 metre high climb around the top of the Skypoint that gives you amazing views of the Gold Coast, Beach and Ocean.

Those brave enough can let go and lean back in their harness for that extra rush!

Indoor Skydiving was originally created to help professional skydivers train in any weather but it’s popularity has exploded all over the world and now you can experience it for yourself!

There’s no planes, jumping, parachutes or being strapped to another person involved here. Simply walk into the giant glass wind tunnel and let the wind soar you effortlesly into the air.

Both attractions are across the road from each other making for easy access.


  • 2 nights in 4 bed mixed dorm at Bunk Backpackers!
  • Skypoint Day Climb
  • indoor skydive intro with 2 flights click here to check it out

Clinton little faceOur Short Stay Packages allow you to stay at the best Backpacker accommodation coupled with the tour/activity of your choice. The skypoint offers unparalleled views of the Gold Coast and it’s beaches and an intro to indoor skydiving is heaps of fun!” –Clinton – One Stop Adventures Travel Expert

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  • Stay in the Heart of Surfers Paradise at Bunk Backpackers!
  • Do the famous SkyPoint Climb on top of the famous Q1 Resort building!
  • Experience indoor skydiving!
  • get 360 degree views of Surfers Paradise
  • Hit the beach!

Day 1 - Arrive in Surfers Paradise

Today you can arrive in Surfers paradise at anytime you please, Check in time for your accommodation is 2pm but if you arrive early you will be able to store your bags and head out to explore. Hit the Beach or the shops, or go for a walk. The choice is yours! At night check out one of the bars or restaurants nearby including the Hard rock Cafe.

Day 2 - SkyPoint Climb and indoor skydive

Today is the day you do the skypoint climb and your indoor skydiving introduction!

You will have a departure time written on your vouchers for the day time, please make sure you arrive early to check in for your climb and indoor skydiving, both activities are located across the road from each other.

SkyPoint Climb

You will have a safety briefing before commencing the 90 minute climb around the top of the Skypoint. If you're brave enough you can lean back in your harness while enjoying the 360 degree views.

IFLY Indoor skydiving intro

1. Arrive and check in

2. Pre-flight training

3. Gear up

4. FLY

5. De-gear

6. Check out your photos and videos

Your trip will be booked according to the "itinerary" tab starting on your chosen start date.

Bookings subject to availability