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15000ft Skydive Mission Beach

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Mixed (Minibus, Plane, Parachute)
1 Day
Bring your own lunch
Experience the ultimate adrenaline rush and go for a skydive!

This one’s for the adrenaline junkies – the ultimate adventure of jumping out of a plane at 15,000 feet!

Mission Beach is Australia’s most popular skydiving location, and as you soar high above the incredible scenery, you’ll understand why. But this is no relaxing scenic flight – get ready for the thrill of a lifetime as you leap from the plane to experience up to a full minute of free fall, followed by seven minutes of floating under the parachute to arrive safely on the beach below.


  • Tandem Skydive
  • Transfers from Cairns, Mission Beach and surrounds (bookings essential)
  • APF levy

**See ‘other information’ tab for extra information on weight restrictions**


  • Australia’s highest skydive!
  • Up to 60 seconds of freefall
  • Up to 7 minutes of parachute flying
  • Purchase video and photography packages on the day

Discover why Mission Beach is the top destination for skydiving! You’ll ascend to take in the amazing views over 14 kilometres of white sandy beaches, emerald rainforest, the Great Barrier Reef, tropical islands and turquoise water as far as the eye can see. But the incredible vistas are just a small part of this amazing experience. Get ready for the thrill of a lifetime as you leap from the plane to freefall at over 200kms per hour for up to a full minute. Once the parachute is released, you’ll have up to seven minutes to soak up the stunning views from under the canopy as you float back down to land on the tropical beach below.

Skydiving is not your average tour, so there are a couple of things to keep in mind before your big day. Get plenty of sleep the night before and stay away from the pub – you won’t be permitted to skydive if you’ve consumed drugs or alcohol in the eight hours before you skydive. If you plan on visiting the Great Barrier Reef the day before, keep in mind that scuba diving is also off-limits in the 24 hours prior to skydiving. Skydiving is weather dependent, so be sure to keep your mobile handy on the day in case there is any change to your dive and the operator needs to contact you. Check the Other Information tab to view the restrictions on weight and age and remember to register with the APF before your big day!

IMPORTANT: All customers MUST PRE REGISTER online WITH THE APF before arriving at the Drop Zone.

Australian Parachute Federation Website

Any client over 95kg must be assessed by our Drop Zone Safety Officer on-site to determine safety issues due to harness restrictions. Travellers over the 110kgs are subject to DZSO/Tandem Master assessment. Surcharges apply to travellers over 95 kilograms, payable on arrival due to assessment. Please contact us for more details if this applies to you.

Minimum age 16 years. If under 18 years, written parental/guardian consent will be required.

Please be ready within 15 minutes of pick up time and bring this voucher on the day of skydiving.  Skydiving is weather dependant, and in the event, we need to make contact, we strongly recommended that you have your mobile phone switched on within 24 hours of skydiving.