Whether you’re chilling out on Whitehaven Beach (currently ranked one of the best in the world, just sayin’), diving or snorkelling along the Living Reef off Daydream Island or sailing across the turquoise waters, The Whitsundays are the ideal place to sit back, relax, forget time and enjoy some of that fresh island air.

Planning a trip to The Whitsundays should be based on what you’re going there for: do you want to kick back on the beach? Are you keen for a spot of snorkel-sculpture-sighting? Or, do you want to enjoy some of Australia’s finest seafood?

You must be going there for a reason, and here are some of the things to consider adding to your itinerary when heading to the sublime Whitsunday Islands…

The ever-incredible Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven Beach routinely finds itself in the top five list of the world’s best beaches, and it should come as no surprise why: this sprawling, mesmerising stretch of coastline is truly some of the most amazing in all of the world!

Not only is it the perfect paradisiacal place to spend an afternoon lazing away the hours, but there is also plenty of fun to be had on the sand and in the stunning waters. Try your hand at ocean rafting before chucking on the wetsuit and flippers for a spot of reef snorkelling – either way you’re in for a beautiful day on one of the world’s most unforgettable coastlines…

Snorkel the Living Reef

Daydream Island’s Living Reef is a spectacular underwater observatory housing hundreds of different species and marine species, making it the perfect place to get underwater with the assistance of an experienced marine biologist!

Island hop via kayak

Kayaking is one of the ultimate ways to island-hop in The Whitsundays, with the calm, gorgeous waters providing the perfect route from stop to stop! The awesome thing about these tours is that you can choose what kind of adventure you want to partake in, with half-day, one-day and epic six-day tours all on the agenda!

The six-day tour allows you to stop and camp and under the tropical stars in this most pristine part of the world…

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