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Swimming with Sea Lions

South Australia Tours Baird Bay Sea Lion
South Australian tours Eyre Peninsula

“South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula might just be one of Australia’s best kept secrets”

Does your idea of the perfect holiday include beautiful beaches, clear blue water and native marine life?

If so, One Stop Adventures has the perfect holiday package for you!

South Australian Tours Sea Lions

Eyre Peninsula

When you think of beach holidays you probably think of the Whitsundays or Byron Bay. But South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula might just be one of Australia’s best kept secrets. It’s a spectacular stretch of coastline on the way from Adelaide to Perth that is definitely worthy of a road trip.

Australia’s Outback transitions into the gorgeous blue of the ocean in Eyre Peninsula. Offering a mix of beautiful beaches and gorgeous cliffs, Eyre Peninsula has a lot to offer in its 2,000 km of coastline. As the seafood hub of Australia, over 65% of South Australia’s seafood production comes from Eyre Peninsula. Not only will you find delicious and fresh seafood, but you’ll also find awe-inspiring natural beauty and plenty of outdoor adventure. With no major airports, Eyre Peninsula is never overcrowded with tourists.

One hidden gem in particular is Baird Bay. Named after James Baird, who settled in Anxious Bay in 1850, Baird Bay is a small and secluded town. It’s located on the west coast of the Eyre Peninsula, situated just south of Smokey Bay. Baird Bay is a wondrous spot for visitors and is a sanctuary to the variety land and marine life in the area.  It offers a secluded space for tourist activities such as recreational fishing, snorkelling, and most famously – swimming with wild sea lions.

Swimming with sea lions is an unforgettable experience that is a must-do in South Australia.

Marine Mammals

Not to be confused with the seal, these sea mammals are characterised by their big bellies and their ability to walk on all four flippers. Sea lions are an outgoing and social mammal, often hanging out together in herds. You probably hear sea lions as often as you see them!

The wild sea lions in Baird Bay interact with you on their own terms, but don’t worry, they do love to say hello! It is a unique and rare experience to be able to witness sea lions in their natural habitat.

Not only do you get to swim with sea lions, dolphins are also likely to stop in to play. Similar to the sea lion, bottlenose dolphins live in groups and are a social sea mammal. They are also known for their astonishing emotional intelligence. Swimming with sea lions and dolphins in their natural habitat gives you the chance to see how inquisitive these gentle creatures are.

South Australia Tours Sea Lions

Swimming with sea lions

Swimming with sea lions is an unforgettable experience that is a must-do in South Australia. The swim starts off by gearing up in wetsuits and taking a 15-minute boat ride to where you’ll find these beautiful marine creatures in their natural habitat. Jump into the water with your snorkel gear and dive under to find yourself surrounded by sea lions. These adorable creatures could be considered the sea puppies of the ocean – they’re naturally curious and love to play. Watch as they twirl and twist through the water, and if you’re lucky they may come up to you for a kiss!  Swimming with sea lions and dolphins is a unique experience and a memory to cherish for years to come.


Does snorkelling in sparkling blue water and being greeted by playful sea lion sound like your type of adventure? At One Stop Adventures our South Australia tours give you the opportunity to explore Eyre Peninsula and say hello to sea lions. We have packages such as our Adelaide to Perth tour (or our Perth to Adelaide tour) that not only give you the chance to swim with sea lions and dolphins, but if you’re feeling more adventurous you can opt in for a swim with sharks! Or check out our Secrets of the Eyre Peninsula tour where you’ll see some of Australia’s best kept secrets.

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South Australian Tours swimming sea lions
Swimming with sea lions in South Australia
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South Australian Tour Eyre Peninsula
Staircase leading to the ocean on Eyre Peninsula
South Australia Tours Sea Lions
Wave hello to the sea lions!
South Australia Tours Dolphins
Dolphins travel together in small pods
South Australia Tour Cliffs
Iconic cliffs of Eyre Peninsula
south australia tours eyre peninsula
A picturesque view of a beach in Eyre Peninsula
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