There is so much to see and do in and around Hobart that three days almost doesn’t do it justice, but we can only try to create a cheeky itinerary for you to enjoy in this most enchanting seaside town:


Hobart’s waterfront is absolutely gorgeous at all times of day, but morning into the early afternoon is the best time to experience the buzz and excitement of its cafes, galleries, restaurants and shops.

If you find yourself in Hobart on a Saturday then Salamanca Market is a must! The market is famous across Australia as one of the centre points of fine Tassie produce, with gorgeous food and charming arts and antiques just the tipping point of this vibrant smorgasbord.


No mainlander has ever taken a Tassie trip and not come back banging on about Mona – possibly Australia’s most controversial gallery. The home to some of Australia’s most provocative works (and most provocative art collector, David Walsh), there is absolutely no way you can visit Hobart and not hop the ferry over to this entirely unique – some say depraved – gallery.

Mount Wellington

Alongside fine food and strange art, Tasmania is world-famous for its stunningly dramatic scenery. Hobart is a rather small town, and so it’s only natural that Mount Wellington leaps above the city and provides impressive views of the surrounding region.

After a 30 minute drive up to its summit, you will be welcomed by impressive vistas of the surrounding city, Bruny Island and the Tasman Peninsula. There is also the equally gorgeous Wellington Park, where you can bike ride, bushwalk and even go for a spot of horseback riding if that’s what takes your fancy!

Bruny Island

You’ve seen what from Mount Wellington’s dizzying heights, now it’s time to sample Bruny Island for the delights they have at ground level! The island is famous for its gorg Tassie produce, with fine goat cheeses, oysters, chocolates and wines all filling the cornucopia of a visit to Bruny Island.

This will truly give you the idea as to why Tassie is seen as Australia’s fine food centre, even if it is located right off the southeast of the country – it’s simply divine!

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