Whether you’re marvelling upon the eerie termite mounds, venturing out to the majestic Lost City or taking a refreshing dip under some truly impressive cascades, you’re sure to have an absolute blast traversing this invigorating national park!

First thing’s first: you do need a car to get around Litchfield, but you don’t necessarily need a 4WD for the whole park. This being said, if you want to head out to the remote Lost City you do need a 4WD as the track can get pretty hairy. But this isn’t something to worry about as you can simply hop aboard a tour that will take you right out to this stunning natural spectacle.

But, whilst you may need a car to get around the national park, one of the best things about having the car is stopping, jumping out and exploring these unforgettable sites:

The termite mounds

It sounds like a strange thing to recommend travellers to visit, but once you see them you will understand! Litchfield’s termite mounds are like no other natural phenomena on Earth: a bizarre series of habitations formed by the national park’s resident termite population.

We’re not sure if the termites themselves are aware of the otherworldly sculptures they are forming but we can tell you one thing: their giant mass is a strange and spectacular sight to see.

The Lost City

The one you might want to hop that 4WD tour for but that is totally worth the ride. The Lost City is one of the most impressive natural sites in all of Australia: a series of countless rock formations created by countless eons of erosion. It seems fitting that The Lost City is so far out of the way: it’s a strange and unique site that only intrepid travellers venture out to experience.

Buley Rockhole

Buley Rockhole is the ultimate place for a refreshing Litchfield dip. Soak yourself in the cool waters of the cascading pools and get the optimal post-exploration invigorator.

What’s more, the pools are absolutely beautiful, and really just make for an all-round fabulous place for a cheeky dip!

With so many wonderful sites, it’s easy to see why you certainly need a car for the magnificent Litchfield National Park.

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