Whether you’re 4WDing across the rugged and windswept 75 Mile Beach, chilling out at the beautiful Lake McKenzie or going for a bit of dingo spotting, Fraser island has plenty to offer anyone who wants to experience one of Australia’s real tropical marvels…

Now onto the question of whether you can visit Fraser Island on your own: the answer is a resounding yes! Of course you can visit this pristine outpost on your own.

Whilst tours offer you a deep insight into the island, its beautiful spots and amazing animals, a self-guided trip will allow you to do things your own way and in your own time.

So it’s really up to you how you wanna go about seeing Fraser Island: are you an intrepid solo traveller who takes their own 4WD across the beach up to a hiking trail that could last you days?

Or, are you more than happy to gain a full grasp of this gorgeous isle with the help of some incredibly awesome and helpful local guides?

Either way, you can expect to enjoy these beauties along your journey…

75 Mile Beach

75 Mile Beach is called that because it is a massive 75 miles long! This means you can expect nothing less than rugged 4WD adventures along the wild shoreline, with plenty of spots along the way to entice your fascination and meander about in peace.

Be sure to check out the Maheno Shipwreck along the way – it’s been there for a few years and is quite a spectacular sight to see!

Lake McKenzie

Swimming off the coast of Fraser Island isn’t the most recommended thing to do with your time there, so luckily they have a wonderfully gorgeous lake to make up for it. Lake McKenzie is easily one of Fraser Island’s most popular spots and for very good reason: there is an absolutely chilled vibe there and it’s simply beautiful – get down there for a super refreshing dip after a hike…

Forest hiking

Fraser Island is full of lush tropical rainforest that makes for amazing one, multi-day or full-week hikes! Just choose your trail and get moving, although you might want to be a more experienced hiker if you’re taking on a multi-day trek solo!

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