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Choosing the best Fraser island Tour

Fraser Trip Lake Mackenzie
Fraser Island Lazy River

“Fraser island is a must do on your East Coast Trip”

Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world at approximately 1840 kilometres squared (that’s a lot of sand!) and it’s the second BIG THING you’ll do on the East Coast next to the Whitsundays.

You need a 4-wheel drive to get over all that sand and for most traveller’s spending 5 to 10 grand on one is out of the question. There’s no need to worry though as there’s plenty of tour options to choose from.

In a complete contrast to the Whitsundays where you’re exploring 74 tropical islands on a boat snorkelling, swimming, scuba diving and stand up paddle boarding on/in the Ocean. Fraser is about exploring the one island, visiting such places as the champagne pools, eeli creek, Indian head, maheno shipwreck and of course Lake Mackenzie. It’s all about swimming in the 70 plus natural Lakes on Fraser island and not in the Ocean, which will become clear to you once you arrive on the island off the ferry.

Fraser island is all about exploring the one massive Sand island by 4X4!

For those that are time poor you can choose to do either a day trip or overnight trip to Fraser Island. These are run in big All wheel drive warrior vehicles for maximum comfort during your travel. Trips leave every day from Noosa, Rainbow beach and also Hervey Bay. You’ll get to Experience driving on the beach, a rainforest walk and also swim in Lake Mackenzie. Lunch is Included as well as an informative tour guide to give you all the local information about Fraser.

Overnight trips allow time to visit Eeli Creek, Indian Head, the coloured sands and Maheno Shipwreck as well as the chance to stay overnight on the world’s largest sand island. For those short on time heading north to Airlie Beach there is the option to take all your luggage on these trips and get back to Rainbow beach or Hervey Bay in time to take an overnight bus onwards on the second day. Let us know If you would like this option when booking your trip.

Those wanting to get the most out of their Fraser island trip will opt for a 3 day 2 night tour. There are fully guided tours in an all-wheel drive bus that stay at a resort that has a bar. All your food is included as well as an informative tour guide up front. The other more popular option is a Fraser island Tag along Safari tour.

Tag along Tours allow you to experience driving on Fraser Island on a budget.

Still fully guided, the tag along tour has four 4 wheel drive vehicles with a guide in the front car. There are 8 people per vehicle and you follow the guide around the island, as long as you’re over 21 and have your open licence you can drive on the beach and in the bush for the ultimate experience. If you’re not keen on driving you don’t have to so don’t stress! The other plus to this form of tour is that it’s camping in 2 to 4 person tents and bring your own alcohol thus making it a cheap, cheerful and super fun experience. All your food is included with this option also.

We recommend staying a night before and after your Fraser island tour, if you do the tag along there is a safety briefing that needs to be attended the day before departure and you return to Rainbow Beach the 3rd day quite late often missing onward buses.

Hopefully that helps you decide on your Fraser island experience, if you have any questions use the live chat in the bottom right during Aussie business hours or email

Beautiful Lake Mackenzie
Stunning Lake Mackenzie
Eeli Creek Tubing fun
Tubing down Eeli Creek
Fraser Island Tag Along
Tag along Safari on Fraser island
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