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Make The Most Of Fraser Island

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wows with its stunning beaches, exotic wildlife and impressive rainforests"

Fraser Island is unique in many ways. It is a world heritage listed site, meaning it rivals places such as Uluru and the Great Barrier Reef.

Not only that, but it is the largest sand island in the world, and the only one where rainforests grow out of its sandy beaches. Fraser Island, located of the coast of Queensland, stretches 123 kms long and 22 wide, and wows with its stunning beaches, exotic wildlife and impressive rainforests. Visiting Fraser Island can be a luxury resort vacation, or an action packed adventure, depending on what you fancy.

One Stop Adventures loves taking people to Fraser Island and showing them a place unlike any other on earth. You can go for a shorter trip exploring Fraser Island and the beautiful Whitsundays, add it as a stop on your East Coast trip, or spend your entire time exploring the island. Whatever you choose you’re going to have an amazing experience on Fraser Island, and here is what you can do to make the most out of it.

Fraser Island can be a luxury resort vacation, or an action packed adventure, depending on what you fancy


Fraser Island is one of the the prime fishing destinations in Australia, with so many locations that not only will enable you to catch some fish, but also have some beautiful lookouts. The waters around Fraser Island have a variety of fish including tuna, flathead, tailor, mackerel, trevally, bream, whiting and more.

Try your hand at beach finishing, in places such as Eurong Beach, or head to one of their three rocky areas and swing a line from there. However make sure to stay along the coast, as freshwater fishing in the many lakes around the island isn't allowed.

fraser island fishing

Australia’s Purest Dingo Population

Fraser Island is abundant with unique Australian animals, but it is most known for two in particular. Dingoes and Whales.

Fraser Island has a large population of wild dingos, and is known for being one of the best places in Australia to get to see them and their behaviours in the wild. The dingoes on Fraser Island are also thought to be some of Australia’s last remaining pure dingoes, and dogs are banned from the island to keep the species intact. Conservation efforts are also in place to restore the thinning population, caused by being hunted and thinned out at times in history.

By travelling in groups when walking, or driving along the island, and keeping supplies safe and not feeding dingoes you can have a safe and amazing experience. Dingoes are a fascinating Australian animal, and this experience to see them is incredibly special.

dingo tours fraser island

Whale Watching

Whale watching is also a popular activity on Fraser Island. The warm, safe waters between Fraser Island and Hervey Bay, which faces Fraser Island on the coast of Queensland, makes it a perfect place to whales to come and use as a nursery for their young. Make sure you visit between July and November to be able to get to see these majestic creatures. 

fraser island tours whale watching

Climb Indian Head

Indian Head is the most eastern point of Fraser Island, and arguably the best lookout spot for views across Fraser Island, and the ocean for potential whale sightings. It is one of only three rocky areas of the island.  If it's not whale season do not worry, you may also get to spot dolphins, manta rays sharks or turtles, all from a safe and spectacular view point. You may be asking where the name comes from, as it is quite odd. It is believed that it was Captain James Cook that named the place, as when sailing by he sighted the native aboriginal people of the island, during a time where all native people were known as ‘indian’.

indian head fraser island tours

Swim The Champagne Pools

For those who do want a nice swim, Champagne Pools is the place to go, and one of the most popular destinations on Fraser Island. Named accurately due to their frothy bubbling waters, the Champagne Pools are located on the north of the island, and formed by tides crashing over volcanic rocks. Whilst you shouldn't go diving in, the Champagne Pools are a safe and natural place to cool off, favoured by anyone visiting the island.

fraser island tours champagne pools

View Lake McKenzie

Lake McKenzie is sometimes known as ‘the world’s most photographed lake’ or the ‘jewel’ of Fraser Island. And it certainly is impressive. Lake McKenzie is a stunning freshwater lake in the middle of Fraser Island. Due to its unique nature of having very little wildlife in the waters. This allows for crystal clear blue water, clean white shores and picturesque landscape.

The lake is also known for its cool waters, which are often the perfect way to relax after a day trekking around Fraser Island, which due to its location in Australia’s sunny north-east coast is often very warm, but there is also sunbathing, volleyball playing and relaxing on the beach for those who don’t feel like swimming.

lake mckenzie fraser island tours

See The Unique Rainforest

The only rainforest on a sand island in the world, the sights of Fraser Island’s forests are not to be missed. Not just special because of this, but also beautiful on its own, this rainforest is dense, large and spectacular. The forest is also growing on the sand dunes across the island, making it unique again, as they are on some of the highest elevations in the world for a rainforest, at over 200 meters.

In terms of exploring this beautiful rainforest, we suggest one of the many walks running through them. A perfect way to immerse yourself in the experience, catch sights of the special animals running through the trees, and see the range of ecosystems caused by the unique environment.

fraser island tours rainforest

The Maheno Shipwreck

One of the unique sights that helps make Fraser Island like no other, is the ruins of the SS Maheno. The ship was an ocean liner, used by the New Zealand Navy in World War 1. However, on a trip from Sydney, it faced a cyclone and eventually became wrecked on the shores of Fraser Island. Never moved, it has remained there since 1935, slowly eroding.

Access onto the ship is prohibited for safety reasons, however it remains a popular tourist destination. The sight of the ship makes one think of tragic stories and human histories, causing an emotional but beautiful experience for those visiting.

meheno shipwreck fraser island

Drive 75 Mile Beach

75 Mile Beach is exactly what the name says, a long stretch of beach along the east side of Fraser Island. It is used as a highway, meaning it follows road rules carefully, and has a police presence. However, it may be the funniest highway you will ever drive, and is the perfect place for some 4x4 adventures.

The combination of the sandy road, the bumps along the way, and the potential sightings of dingoes make it sure to be an adventure. Come along with us on our Tag Along Safari and experience the thrill yourself.

fraser island 75 mile beach

Come On, Join Us

As you can see, there is a lot to do in Fraser Island, with activities to please anyone. You can make it a family trip, action packed adventure, or peaceful beach holiday. The beautiful landscape of Fraser Island is sure to impress anyone that visits, so we know you will enjoy your stay. Let us take you there on one of our many Fraser Island Tours. We recommend the 3 Day 2 Night Fully Guided tour, taking off from Queensland's coast. Or join one of our many Fraser Island and Whitsundays packages, to see the best islands of Australia’s east coast.

fraser island tours sunset
A spectacular photo of a sunset on Fraser Island
fraser island fishing tours
You can catch impressive fish on Fraser Island
fraser island beach fishing
Beach fishing is a peaceful activity to do on Fraser Island
dingo fraser island tour
Dingoes love the sand on Fraser Island
fraser island tour dingoes
Whilst some Fraser Island dingoes are friendly, it is safer to not approach them
sunset dingoes fraser island
A dingo on a stroll during a Fraser Island sunset
fraser island tour whale watching
Whales can be friendly in Fraser Island's warm waters
fraser island whale watching
Catch a glimse of a whale during breeding season
fraser island indian head
Indian Head is one of the few rocky areas of the island
fraser island indian head
Indian Head offers stunning views of the island
fraser island champagne pools
The bubbling Champagne Pools
fraser island champagne pools
The path down to the Champagne Pools
fraser island champagne pools
Many of the pools are deep enough for a proper swim
fraser island tour lake mckenzie
Lake McKenzie's famous heart shaped tree
fraser island tour lake mckenzie
Lake McKenzie on Fraser Island
rainforest fraser island
There are many tracks through the forest
fraser island rainforest
It is amazing how well the forest thrives on this sand island
maheno wreck fraser island
An ariel view of the famous Maheno shipwreck
fraser island maheno shipwreck
Depending on the tides, the shipwreck can be half covered in water, or laying peacefully on the sand
fraser island meheno
An image of the SS Maheno before the wreck
75 mile beach fraser island
4WD tracks on the famous 75 mile beach
4wd adventure fraser island tours
Bring some friends to go exploring with
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