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Fraser Island Tours

Fraser Trip Lake Mackenzie

The Largest Sand Island in the world is just waiting for you to explore it! With so many things to do the longer you have to poke around the better!

Visit Lake Mackenzie, Eeli Creek, Maheno Ship wreck, Indian head beach and discover the other hidden treasures on one of the highlights of the east coast!

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Fraser Island

Guide To Fraser Island

To enjoy Fraser Island you’ll need to pack your sense of adventure. It’s a great place to visit and if you get out and explore you’ll have a lot of fun.

Island Highlights

The biggest highlight is Lake McKenzie. It's probably on everyone's Fraser Island to-do list. The crystal clear water and the white sandy beach are just magical. There’s so many great spots on Fraser Island like standing at the top of Indian Head. You’ll feel like you're on the edge of the world. It's just amazing.

One thing people love about Fraser Island is that it’s got everything all in one place. You've got freshwater lakes, freshwater creeks, sandy saltwater beaches, champagne pools, the rain forest, the desert. It's got everything. It's one of those places that you've got to put on your list because when you walk away you're be so glad you went there. It's nothing like anything else that you've ever seen.

Champagne Pools

Champagne Pools are right up in the northern part of the island. They are volcanic rock formations where the breaking saltwater comes over the top. It comes down and then it bubbles up to the surface in the water. It looks a lot like like champagne. The Champagne Pools are gorgeous.

How To Get There

There's a couple of ways you can get to Fraser Island. You can actually book a tour, and they'll get you there and drive you to the island, get a ferry across, and everything's pretty much sorted for you. Alternatively you can get your own way there and hire a vehicle, though tours are much better value and if you do a tag along tour you get the chance to drive and meet loads of like minded people.

How Long To Stay

You can visit Fraser Island for the day, but if you want to see the best highlights of Fraser a 2-3 day stay is a better plan. Most backpacker tours are about three days and we think they are worth it to get the most out of your stay on Fraser Island.

When To Visit

Fraser Island is a good all year destination. Guides will tell you their favourite time is the winter/spring period because it's not too hot. In summer, you've got the really hot sun, and the sand's hot. It's still great, you can always sit in the lake and relax and stay cool. The winter and spring are very pleasant and still swimmable. You can walk around, you can enjoy the place more comfortably. So if you have a flexible holiday plan aim for the winter/spring period.

Where To Stay

Traveling on the Cool Dingo tours you get to ride on big 4wd buses and stay at Kingfisher Bay Resort at the wilderness lodges where everything is done for you. You just have to sit back and enjoy. With the Tag Along Tours you get a chance to drive a 4wd on the tracks and camp on the eastern beach.  You just need to help out with the food.

Out On The Water

Eli Creek is a great place to ride tyre tubes. You start at the top of the creek, and you let the natural water flow float you all the way back down. You can use paddle boards out on the lakes. You go right out in the middle of the lake, lie down and not hear anything at all. It's a magical experience.

Island Animal Life

Fraser Island has dingoes. In the Spring there are a lot of dingo puppies coming out as well. You’ll also see echidnas and wallabies especially up north near Champagne Pools. You’ll see snakes but mainly your nonvenomous ones, like pythons. At night you'll see the little sugar gliders at the wilderness lodges. You'll often see the big birds of prey out on the beach.

Where To Party

At Kingfisher Bay Resort, you've got a couple of bar options where you can go down there and get some good-priced drinks. We recommend the Dingo Bar.  It's a great place to mingle and have a few drinks and even get on the dance floor if you want to.

What To Pack

Bring a lot of sunscreen, swimming things, towel, a camera, a towel, some flip-flops and comfortable shoes and a hat. It  does get reasonably hot out on the beach.  Pack some light fitting clothing. Sometimes at nighttime it might get a little bit cool, so maybe a jumper would be useful. But that's pretty much it. Light packing. You don't need a lot to get out there and enjoy Fraser Island.

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