The Whitsundays are the ideal place to log off, luxe on and try out some new water-based adventure you’ve always wanted to experience!

Whether you’re island hopping via luxury yacht, lazing about on the stunning Whitehaven Beach (Australia’s best beach) or dining on gorgeous seafood and cocktails at one of the islands’ top restaurants, there is something for absolutely everyone to enjoy in this most magical part of the world.

Now to the question of how long you should actually stay in the Whitsundays. Well, we simply cannot recommend that you quickly drop in, get a feel of the islands and fly back out – that would be sacrilege!

The Whitsundays are there for you to kick back and absolutely unwind, to dip your feet in the water whilst gazing upon a lush tropical expanse and to finish multiple days with a rum-infused sundowner (and what a sunset it always is!).

So, to truly unwind in this most gorgeous part of the world, we recommend spending at least five days there, as this will give you plenty of time to enjoy these stunning activities and more…

Experiencing Whitehaven Beach

When we say “experiencing” Whitehaven Beach we mean it: Whitehaven Beach is a true experience in itself! Named the best beach in a country that isn’t short of amazing beaches, Whitehaven perfectly encapsulates everything that makes tropical North Queensland so heavenly: stunning white sand, clear aqua waters and a dreamy expanse that can’t be rivalled anywhere else in Australia.

There is nothing more soothing than spending a day at Whitehaven Beach, regardless of whether you’re simply lazing about, snorkelling or enjoying a little ocean rafting…


If you’ve ever wanted to try this thrilling activity then the Whitsundays is a pretty good place to start! The best place to begin has to be Daydream Island, where the Living Reef provides a great opportunity for beginners to dive alongside biologists and learn about the fascinating sea species that inhabit the beautiful waters.

Island hopping via kayak

Could this be one of Australia’s most enjoyable adventures? We think so. Jump aboard a kayak with Salty Dog adventures and hop from island to island. There are half-day, full-day and amazing seven-day adventures (which will mean you will have to stay for longer), where you will camp out overnight at peaceful island campsites.

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