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What’s Between Melbourne and Sydney?

Hyams Beach in Jervis Bay
Lakes Entrance, Victoria

“A path less travelled that's well worth exploring.”

One of the least frequented and off “the beaten track” parts of the East Coast of Australia is the area between Melbourne and Sydney.

It is very common for travellers to fly or take an overnight bus between the two major cities. There is however a lot that people are missing out on by doing this, here’s a few of the spots and why you should visit them. There’s Just a catch, you’re going to need a car or campervan or depending on the route you are keen on there is the option of an awesome 2-day tour.

Beaches, Beaches, Beaches

If you choose to take the coastal route south of Sydney, there’s lots of amazing beachside towns and areas to visit with their share of Picturesque spots. Wollongong, Jervis Bay, Batemans bay and Eden to name a few. Lakes Entrance on the south side of the coast Is definitely worth a visit too, make sure you’re up in time for a wonderful sunrise!

make sure you’re up in time for a wonderful sunrise!


Yes, Canberra, Australia’s Capital where everyone is told to avoid. While Canberra doesn’t have a crazy amount going on it’s worth a visit for a day. Canberra is a well-planned purpose built city so it’s easy to navigate around. You could spend many an hour in the War Museum, or visit Parliament house and learn about politicians (more interesting than it sounds) and then there’s the embassies. Driving around and checking out all the different embassies is pretty cool because all the buildings are styled and built in accordance with their countries traditional architecture.

Inland, Mt Kosciusko and Gippsland

If you’ve seen enough beaches on your east coast trip you could head south after (or without) Canberra towards Thredbo and Mount Kosciusko. Mount Kosciusko is Australia’s Tallest Peak at 2,228metres, a hike up to the summit via the chairlift is an awesome Expedition to those of Moderate Fitness Levels and guarantees an awesome photo at the end. In the summer there are lots of Downhill Mountain Biking Trails and in the winter you can base yourself in Thredbo for some awesome Snowboarding and Skiing.

Following south from Thredbo you can take the winding roads of Gippsland. There’s lots of beautiful winding roads and scenery on your way to the south coast where Lake’s Entrance waits for a good night’s sleep.

Mount Kosciusko is Australia’s Tallest Peak at 2,228metres

Wilson’s Promontory and Phillip Island

 Head west from Lakes entrance and you’ll get to Wilson’s Promontory National Park. “The Prom” is one of the most Beautiful spots in Victoria, It’s home to 50% of Australia’s Bird Life, Wombats, Emus, Kangaroos and has lots of awesome hikes to take part in. The hike to the top of Mt Oberon and down to the squeaky beach are just a couple of the favourites.

Phillip island is 1 hour and 45 minutes’ drive south of Melbourne and is home to The World’s smallest Penguin. 70,000 of the Little Penguins (Previously Named Fairy Penguins) Live on Phillip island with 6,000 of them calling the Penguin Parade home. Every night at sunset you can see five hundred to two thousand penguins waddle up the beach after their day of hunting. It’s one of The World’s Largest wildlife attractions and definitely worth the visit.

Mornington Peninsula

On the home stretch heading north up to Melbourne you will come to the Mornington Peninsula. A visit to the southern point of the eastern side of Port Phillip bay will bring you to Sorrento and Point Nepean National park. The national park is fun to explore and the beaches are incredibly nice. You can reward yourself for no particular reason by visiting the famous and ever popular hot springs or many of the other hot spots on the Peninsula such as wineries, breweries, chocolatiers, the hedge maze and Arthurs Seat. Then it’s into Melbourne via the Nepean highway!

The Hume Freeway

A different route would be departing Canberra to the West and then South along the Hume Highway you’ll learn about the infamous Ned Kelly and his Gang in Mansfield. Visit towns like Bright and Beechworth and sample their delicious local produce and brews before checking out the Victorian alps and the Great Dividing Range! Then it’s down the Hume into Melbourne.

Parliament House, Canberra
Mount Kosciuszko National Park in Australia (near Thredbo village)
Mount Kosciuszko National Park in Australia (near Thredbo village)
Mornington Peninsula Tour
Hot Springs, Mornington Peninsula
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