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National Whimit Bus Pass | Greyhound | Unlimited Travel

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Pass Validity:
Unlimited Travel anywhere on Grehound Network
On Board
On Board
USB Charging:
On Board
Travel around Australia as much as you like on the WHIMit pass!

Unlimited travel anywhere around Australia on the Greyhound Network, Greyhound is giving their customers choice , flexibility and freedom to travel how they want, when they want. WHIMit is the ability to travel on a whim and without limit, enhancing the way travellers can explore Australia.

Greyhound makes it easy for you to have an amazing time on the for your trip of Australia. With up to 3 departures a day, WiFi and USB charging ports onboard and a fleet of new coaches, Greyhound will get you where you’re going in style and comfort.


  • Bus pass valid for unlimted travel hop on hop off travel anywhere on Greyhound network
  • Travel in either direction and backtrack as much as you like

*Once you have purchased your pass One Stop adventures will send you your login details by email*

Greyhound is a great option for the budget conscious traveller that likes a bit of comfort. There’s Wi-fi and USB charging onboard their fleet of newer modern coaches and they have up to 3 or more departures a day stopping everywhere you could possibly want to travel in Australia. The Unlimited bus passes allow you unlimited travel in either direction and backtrack in the direction you came from if you missed something. ” – Liz – One Stop Adventures Travel Expert



  • Hop-on Hop-off at your leisure anywhere in Australia
  • Choose from 15, 30, 60, 90 or 120 travel days
  • Unlimited Travel in Australia on the Greyhound network!
  • Travel in any direction
  • Wifi and USB charging ports onboard

What is Whimit?

Whimit is a simple travel pass that is measured by days.
There are no restrictions around destination city pairs or distance, with travel based solely on the number of days. Travellers can use their pass on the Greyhound network anywhere around Australia for as long as their time allows, in any direction, on any route.

How does it work?

Once purchased, travellers have 12 months to start travel, and then when their first date is booked they have the number of days purchased to finish all travel.

Is it consecutive days?

Yes, to make it super simple Whimit is consecutive travel days.

What determines a day?

A day is considered from midnight (00:00 hours) to 11:59pm (23:59hours).

What about overnight services, can an overnight service be travelled on the last day?

Travellers who start their trip on the very last day of their Whimit will be able to complete their trip even if it ends on the day after the Whimit has expired.

How does Whimit compare to the East Coast Whimit Pass?

Whimit offers total freedom to travel anywhere, in any direction on Greyhound Australia’s coach network. No need to know where you are travelling, Whimit is the ultimate travel pass. Multiple day ranges are available to suit all budgets and travel needs.

How many days should I book?

Everyone’s travel style is different, and that is what makes Whimit the perfect travel pass. Whether for short weekend trips between Brisbane to Noosa or Byron Bay or relocating from Sydney to Brisbane with a week to see the sights, we are certain you will find one to suit everyone. If you are looking for a guide on the most popular routes, we recommend;

How do I book my sectors on Greyhound Whimit Bus passes? 

It is really easy, upon booking you will receive a Booking Number and a Pin Code.

You will then need to go to the Greyhound website, Go to 'Manage my Booking' and then enter your booking number and pin code. Then add your travel, save your booking and you're good to go!

What do I need to show when boarding the Greyhound bus?

You will need a copy of your Greyhound bus pass and your passport ID.

Do I need to book the bus in advance or can I just show up? 

You 100% need to book in advance, you cannot hop on the Greyhound bus unless you have booked a bus journey.

Please read carefully the terms and conditions of your ticket and travel with Greyhound Australia below:



1. 1 year to commence travel from when you purchased the Whimit Pass

2. A day is considered to be between the hours of 12:00am - 23:59pm

3. All passes are non-transferable to another person

4. Once travel has commenced the pass is non-refundable

5. All Passes are available for travel on any of Greyhound Australia's scheduled timetabled services

6. Full Terms & Conditions apply - Please see terms and conditions tab in this product

7. All prices, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice