Just by looking at a map of Australia, you can tell that you will need some time to traverse the west coast, especially considering all the amazing stops along the way.

We suggest giving yourself at least three weeks to experience all the joys and wonders that line this isolated length of coastline, from the national parks to the reefs, cities and islands and absolutely everything in between.

Be sure to check out these amazing spots along the way:


The most isolated city in the world also happens to be a pretty awesome one. Perth is a desired travel destination for many Aussies let alone internationals and if you’re lucky enough to get over there then you are in for a real treat!

Not only does Perth boast some of Australia’s most pristine beaches, but it is also a vibrant town of art galleries, gardens and a quirky cultural scene that differs from anywhere else in Australia.

Fremantle, located just south of Perth, is one of Australia’s live music melting pots, with some of the biggest bands in the world (think Tame Impala) cutting their teeth in its venues.

Rottnest Island

Everybody wants to go to Rottnest Island. Why? Because it’s home to a large population of adorable quokkas, of course! Rottnest Island can only be explored by foot or bike, and you will come across many of these adorable marsupials along the way, where you can grab one of your obligatory Gram-worthy selfies alongside one of these cuties.

Ningaloo Reef

Ningaloo Reef is the west coast’s answer to the Great Barrier Reef. Sure, it may not be as grand or world famous as “The Reef”, but it is certainly home to some of the most amazing underwater flora and fauna you will find on either side of this great continent!

Dive under the turquoise waters to find whales, dolphins, sharks, turtles and a huge plethora of gorgeous coral beds.


Broome is another wondrously isolated WA town, situated right at the top of the great state, and it’s a place that deserves a good look before heading out to the Kimberley.

There are beachfront camel rides, stunning markets and the amazing staircase to the moon phenomenon that takes place between March and October, where the moon reflecting off the ocean creates a very special staircase-like effect!

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