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Visiting Cape Tribulation and the Daintree Rainforest

Cape Trib Beach
Cape Trib Beach

“The oldest living rainforest in the world is home to Cape Tribulation.”

Recently I was lucky enough to head to Far North Tropical Queensland and visit Cape Tribulation in the Daintree rainforest.

This is the oldest living Rainforest in the world and boy is she a beauty! If you ever get the chance you definitely need to visit this magical place. The last time I visited I was barely a year old so I was definitely overdue for a return visit!

I flew up to Cairns on Monday morning, jumped in a taxi and headed to Spaceships campervan rental and picked up my mode of transport for the next few days. The drive up to Cape Tribulation is a gorgeous winding trip alongside beaches and cliff faces. You arrive at the Daintree ferry crossing, lose all your mobile phone reception and land in the Daintree Rainforest.

From there it’s about a 40-minute drive into Cape Tribulation itself on slow winding roads surrounded by nature. I arrived at my Accommodation for the night, Cape Trib beach house and checked in to my room. Cape Trib beach house is an awesome property right on the beach in the Rainforest it’s got a great bar/restaurant and the scenery is absolutely spectacular. I was in room escape 6 which is a cosy private room with a double bed and two singles and en-suite bathroom.

Cape Trib Beachhouse is an awesome property right on the beach!

On the Daintree Ferry

I went for a stroll along the beach and chatted to some other guests before getting ready to head out on the night walk that night.

Night walk

The Jungle Adventures Guided Night walk is something I would definitely recommend everyone should do while up hear. Our guide Dwight was very knowledgeable and had plenty of experience working with animals throughout his life. We saw snakes, Spiders, Crickets, Butterflies, and awesome trees and Foliage. I even had a Slatey Grey Snake slither across the path we were walking right in front of me almost going over my feet! the experience lasts roughly 2 to 2 and a half hours and they pick up and drop off from Cape Trib Accommodation.

Guided night walk cape trib

Ocean Safari

The next morning, I awoke to a truly spectacular day in the Daintree. Sunny blue skies, next to no wind and nice warm temperatures. A perfect day to visit the Great Barrier Reef. Cape Tribulation has only the one Great Barrier Reef Trip – Ocean Safari. They are the only commercial operator that visits Mackay Reef, there’s only 25 people on the boat and it’s only 25 minutes to the Reef. This makes for a truly unique experience. Our guide Sarah and Captain Ads were great company and made sure everyone had a super day.

We visited two reef sites, saw lots of fish, vibrant coral, Blue Ringed Rays and I saw 3 turtles. I even got time alone with two turtles who were playing together before letting everyone else on the tour know they were there. On the way back to the beach we came across 3 whales. We had 15 minutes alone with two Male Whales who were competing for the affection of a female – Something I’ll never forget.

I spent that afternoon exploring the Rainforest and enjoying a few cold beers on the beach before getting an early night in preparation for Jungle Surfing and PaddleTrek Kayak adventures the next day.

I saw plenty of fish, coral and turtles on Ocean Safari as well as 3 massive whales up close on the way back!

Aerial view of Mackay Reef

Jungle Surfing

Jungle Surfing was next up on my to do list, set in the rainforest is a great zipline track that gives you breathtaking views of the Rainforest and the Ocean. You are hosted by 3 guides who help you along the track making sure you are clipped in and secure in your harness and also share their knowledge of the history and flora and fauna of the region. This track is not so much about the adrenaline but about the amazing views of which there are plenty.

You start by using a giant version of a hamster wheel to send people in twos up to the first platform before enjoying a few tandem zip lines and a few solo zip lines. The harnesses feel safe and I was confident enough to spin around and hang upside down while going. At the end of the track is a side by side zipline where you have a bit of a fun race to finish off proceedings.

That afternoon I paid a quick visit to the Daintree ice-cream company before heading back to Cape Trib Beach House in time for my Paddletrek Kayak adventure. There’s also Floravilla ice cream not too far away, i’ve heard great things about their icecream but unfortunately didn’t have enough time to get there. Next time!

Cape tribulation Jungle Surfing


Those without a car can opt to do a tour to the Daintree from Cairns instead, we recommend 2 days 1 night minimum so that you can jungle surf or do a night walk on the first night and then do Ocean Safari the next morning before continuing your tour.

On the Daintree Ferry
chilling in the car on the Daintree Ferry
Lookout Cape Tribulation
Walu Wugirriga Lookout
Cape Trib Beach House Escape 5 and 6
My Room at Cape Trib Beach House
Guided night walk cape trib
Snake in a tree on the Night Walk
cape tribulation ocean safari
Snorkelling with Turtles on Ocean Safari
Cape tribulation Jungle Surfing
Jungle Surfing through the trees
Daintree Ice Cream Cape Trib
Daintree Ice Cream Cape Trib
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