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Daintree Rainforest & Cape Tribulation Tours

Daintree Rainforest & Cape Tribulation Tours

Daintree Rainforest & Cape Tribulation

Cape Tribulation, just north of Cairns, and is an ecotourism destination situated in the heart of the Daintree Rainforest. It is known for its lush tropical climate, abundance of wildlife and stunning scenery wherever you look.

Best of Daintree Rainforest & Cape Tribulation

The Daintree Rainforest is the oldest rainforest in the world, boasting some of Australia’s most secluded and pristine land, where urban development and globalisation remains a foreign concept. The Great Barrier Reef meets the jungle here at Cape Tribulation and there are so many amazing things for you to explore.

A haven for adventure lovers, Cape Tribulation is bustling with thrill-seeking activities where you can swing through the jungle canopy, explore the rugged terrain by 4WD and see some rare Australian wildlife on a night walk of the forest. Learn about the fascinating history of the Indigenous people of the area and their unique connection to the land on one of our Cape Tribulation Day Trips.

Best Daintree Rainforest Day Tours & Trips

We offer a variety of day trips to and from Cape Tribulation. The most popular is the Cape Tribulation and Daintree Rainforest Day Tour, which departs from Cairns in the early morning and takes you for a day of exploring the ancient rainforest, saltwater crocodile spotting and admiring the pristine, secluded beaches that Cape Tribulation boasts. This day tour includes a friendly and informative guide, rainforest walks, morning tea & coffee, a delicious lunch, all park entry fees and some of the most breathtaking scenery you will ever see.

For tours that depart from Cape Tribulation itself, we offer a guided night walk tour where you will take a walk through the majestic rainforest and discover all types of wildlife, trees and plants while you soak in the atmosphere. You may get up close and personal to snakes, lizards, possums, spiders, bandicoots, birds, insects and many other animals that call the Daintree Rainforest home.

Horse riding on the beach and a half day ocean safari cruising on the Great Barrier Reef are two other options we offer for day trips from Cape Tribulation. Enjoy breathtaking scenery as you ride horseback through the rainforest until you reach the spectacular Cape Tribulation Beach.

All horses are very well trained and regardless of your previous experience, all riders are welcome. If are keen to explore the colourful underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef, join the Half Day Reef Trip on an Ocean Safari. You will spend the either the morning or afternoon exploring pristine reefs and snorkelling with marine life in this often-secluded part of the Great Barrier Reef.

Cape Tribulation Multi-day Trips

For those wishing to spend longer exploring Cape Tribulation and the Daintree Rainforest, join the 2-day tour. During this adventure, you will visit the stunning Mossman Gorge, embark on a wildlife spotting river cruise, visit the scenic beachside town of Port Douglas, and explore the heritage listed rainforest that surrounds Cape Tribulation. Stay the night at the quirky Cape Tribulation Beach House, where you will spend the evening partaking in activities with fellow travellers! Cape Tribulation is a must visit for those who are travelling North Queensland, you will not be disappointed by the beauty of this magnificent part of Australia.

6 Tours in Daintree Rainforest & Cape Tribulation