There’s no doubt that when people head down under to the southern hemisphere they’re looking for an Adventure and to discover new things.

For some people it’s relaxing on the beach, for some it’s hiking and then for others it’s all about throwing yourself out of a plane, jumping off a bridge or getting into a submerged cage surrounded by fierce predators. This article is aimed at those who want to feel that rush of Adrenaline, put themselves to the test and maybe overcome some fears while they’re at it!

Below you’ll find in no particular order  – the top Adrenaline Activities in Australia.

Skydive at Mission Beach

If you ask someone who’s been to Australia where the best place to Skydive is in the country is there’s an extremely good chance they’ll say Mission beach. Imagine jumping out of a plane from 15,000 feet in the air with views of the ocean, islands, as well as the lush green mainland and to top it all off you get to land on the beach! You don’t have to be in mission beach either as there are pick ups in Cairns so why not make a day of it?

We’ve made it quite attractive with the Mission beach drop zone, you get free lunch or free breakfast included, free bike hire free use of the WIFI and the big screens too and bring your swimmers for the beach!

Watch Clinton from One Stop Adventures skydiving at Mission beach in the video below:

Bungy Jump and Minjin Swing in Cairns

This is Australia’s one and only Bungy jump nestled in the rainforest amongst the trees above a lake. This is a must do experience when you’re in Cairns and there are multiple ways you can take the plunge. Most will opt for the traditional bungy while you can also run and jump off, do a backflip or even ride a BMX bike off with the BMXTREME package.

There’s also the Minjin Jungle swing where you’re lifted up 45 metres into the air before pulling your own rip cord to let yourself go on an awesome swing getting up to 120 kilometres an hour!

The cage of death at Crocosaurus cove

If you want to get right up close to one of the Deadliest Predators in the world it doesn’t come any closer than this. Climb down a ladder into a clear circular cage allowing 360 degree views. The ladder is then removed, lid closed and a monorail crane lifts you over the top of the cage wall and submerges halfway into the water with the worlds largest reptile – the Saltwater Crocodile. Being only half submerged allows you viewing of the predator from above and under the water. You’ll never be able to get this close anywhere else without ending up as Dinner!

If you are wanting to experience it, I highly recommend booking before you even get to Darwin. Because during the peak season, you’re looking at least a two week wait!”

Great white shark cage diving

Cage diving with Great white sharks is definitely on a lot of people’s bucket lists and believe me it does not disappoint. Port Lincoln in South Australia is where the shark cage was invented by Rodney Fox(worth a google) and is one of the best (and safest) places to get amongst it!

The guys at Calypso Star Charters run an amazing day out to the Neptune islands off the coast of Port Lincoln where the cage is lowered of the back of the boat and a large oxygen tank provides air so you can stay under water and few these magnificent creatures!

Read our full article on this awesome experience.

Check out what happened when the One Stop Adventures crew went Shark Cage Diving below:

White water rafting on the Tully River

The Tully River is only 2 hours south of Cairns with pickups available in Cairns or Mission beach. White water rafting is an epic group activity that involves teamwork and heaps of fun. The Tully River has guaranteed water levels all year round on Grade 3 to 4 rapids and you can opt for the Standard rafting or go all out on the Xtreme Rafting.

Not only is it the best white water rafting trip in Australia. It is also one of the best in the world.

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