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Visit Tasmania – Best Day Hikes for your time in Tasmania

One stop adventures best day hikes visit Tasmania
One stop adventures southwest national park day hikes Tasmania

“When it comes to nature, Tasmania never disappoints!”

Tasmania is a beautiful state of Australia located south of Victoria.

This stunning island offers travellers and Australian natives alike, a range of things to see and do. When it comes to nature, Tasmania never disappoints! But don’t fret; there are many options for beginners, advanced hikers and everything in between.

With 60 Great Short Walks that range from under an hour to full day hikes and longer Great Bushwalks there's more than enough to satisfy any avid hiker! Just keep in mind that the climate can change quite rapidly so make sure to check the Bushwalker's weather forecast before and always come prepared with food and proper attire.

So let’s get into the day hikes we’ve all been waiting for! Here are the top 5 you should check out when you visit Tasmania!

You may even luck out and spot a few roos on your walk back!

1. Freycinet National Park – Wineglass Bay

Sitting along the East Coast of Tasmania is the magnificent Freycinet National Park. With granite mountains and beautiful white beaches, this national park is sure to be a winner! When it comes to day hikes there are two options you can go with. The Wineglass Bay Lookout is approximately 1-1.5 hours return and is classed as a level 3 hike. From the lookout you’ll have panoramic views of Hazards Beach below.

If you have a little more time on your hands you may want to do the Wineglass Bay and Hazards Beach Circuit trail instead! Being about 4-5 hours return, this hike is classed as level 4 due to the steep uphill climb. This walk takes you along the beach and past the lookout as well, so you don’t miss a single thing. You may even luck out and spot a few roos on your walk back!

One stop adventures kangaroo tasmania

2. St. Helens – St. Helens Point

St. Helens is another beautiful spot along the East coast of Tasmania. It’s the largest town on the North-East Coast and is only a few steps away from the fan-fave Bay of Fires.

While it isn’t the most ideal place for your typical ‘hike’, St Helens offers a 1 hour return walk to St. Helens Point where you can take in the Peron Dunes and ocean beaches. Not only is this walk is perfect for all ages and experience with hiking, but it has outstanding sunset views as well!

3. Southwest National Park - Mount Anne

Southwest National Park is .. you guessed it… located in the south-west of Tasmania. There are heaps of hikes to do there, many of them multi-day ones. Luckily we found the best day hike around! Mount Anne sits 1423 meters tall and has breathtaking views. The Mount Anne day walk is 15km and takes about 8-10 hours to complete. With the rugged terrain and length it is ranked as a level 4 hike but if you’re a beginner, don’t let that discourage you!

I did about half of the Mount Anne hike with a mate due to lack of time and still had an amazing experience! We were a bit concerned about the weather, as it began to rain a little on our way back. We didn’t let the rain get us down though! We actually got to see many rainbows, which made our hike that much more enjoyable.

4. Lake St Clair National Park – Cradle Mountain

Located in the central highlands of Tasmania, Lake St Clair National Park is home to Cradle Mountain. This mountain is the fifth highest mountain in Tasmania at 1 545 meters above sea level! If you’re feeling up to it, you could embark on the Cradle Mountain Circuit hike. This hike will take up most of your day with it being 12.8km and roughly 8 hours return. With that being said, it is most definitely worth it!

If you’re looking for something a tad bit shorter, the Dove Lake Circuit and Marions Lookout is a grade 3, 10km and 3-4 return hike and will provide equally as beautiful views!

5. Mt Field National Park – Mount Field East & West Circuit

Mt Field National Park is just over 60km northwest of Hobart and like the rest of Tasmania, has some pretty incredible views (I think we're starting to see a theme here)! Due to the fact that the landscape ranges from a temperate rainforest to alpine moorland, there is plenty to see along the way! With waterfalls and mountain ranges, what more could you ask for when it comes to hiking?

Depending on the length you intend to hike, you can embark on Mount Field East or West Circuit. The East Circuit is shorter, taking about 4-5 hours to complete but is beautiful nonetheless.

Not only is this walk is perfect for all ages and experience hiking, but it has outstanding sunset views as well!

While it is doable to plan your own trip and do these day hikes, it’s certainly much easier with an organized tour! As someone who has done Tasmania on her own and with One Stop Adventures I can definitely say that a guided tour is the way to go! With Tasmania holiday packages you get to see these beautiful spots and many more along the way. When I travelled to Tasmania on my own I wasted a lot of time figuring out where I wanted to go, arguing with my mate about the timing and of course getting lost!

At One Stop Adventures we have plenty of Tasmania tours so that no matter how long your stay is, you're guaranteed to have a great time! Hear from our 5 day Tasmania tour operator Greg. We can’t wait to see how your Tassie tour turns out! We’re sure it’ll be nothing short of excellent.

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One stop adventures tasmania day hikes
Day hike Tasmania Wineglass bay one stop adventures
On the way up to the Wineglass Bay Lookout!
Day hike One stop adventures Wineglass bay lookout
The top of Wineglass Bay!
One stop adventures mt anne day hike
One stop adventures southwest national park Mt Anne day hike
In the midst of hiking up Mt Anne
One stop adventures cradle mountain tasmania
Cradle Mountain
One stop adventures visit tasmania horseshoe falls
Horseshoe falls at Mt Field National Park
One stop adventures mt field national park day hike
Mt Field day hike
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