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Why stay at Cape Trib Beach House from Local Legend Louis!

Cape Trib Beach House
Cape Trib Louis Cox

Louis Cox
Sales and Marketing - Cape Trib Beach House

Hi Louis, What's the name of your accommodation? Where are you located?

Cape Tribulation Beach House. We're located in the Daintree Rainforest on 152 Rykers Road, Cape Tribulation.

How long have you been open?

17 years. Prior to becoming the beach house it was a campground called Pilgrim Sands.

What sets you apart from other accommodation in the area?

The different demographics for the people we have here. We cater for backpackers, families, couples and large international groups. Our number one priority to make sure they everyone has the best time possible.

How do people get here from the bus station or the airport?

Most people will take a tour bus up. There's Four different tour companies which operate that come to the beach house. There's also two others that do direct drop-offs. Otherwise you can self-drive hire or have your own car.

The weather stays at about 26 degrees, beautiful crystal clear ocean, and sunny skies.

activities cape trib beach house
Fun activities on the beach

What type of rooms are available at the accommodation? How long do people usually stay?

We have a five share dorm rooms with self-shared bathroom facilities as well and a self-catered kitchen. We've got Family Escape Rooms and Ribbon Rooms which are directed at families and couples and then the Saint Crispin cabins on the beach which are aimed at couples also. Average duration's about two nights.

Do you have a time of year high or low season or any events travellers should be aware of?

We do have a wet season, it tends to come around from December, January, February, March and that's our low season. We get a bit of rain, humidity's a bit higher, but at the same time that's when you get more wildlife around. Apart from that, July, August, September, December, that's our peak season. It's beautiful. The weather stays at about 26 degrees in July and August, beautiful crystal clear ocean, and sunny skies.

What facilities do you have on offer at the accommodation for your guests?

We have a lot of facilities. We have the self-cook kitchen, swimming pool, a bar and restaurant which is on the beach. Occasionally we'll do beach activities, we have a daily guided walk which Thomas and I do and also a variety of tour operators around the area.

What time is the self-catered kitchen open until?

It's open 24 hours provided you are not being noisy later in the evening.

Where is the closest supermarket or 24-hour convenience store?

The closest supermarket is a Friendly Grocer. It's about half an hour to 40 minute walk depending on your pace along the main road, opens from about eight o'clock in the morning to six o'clock at night.

When checking in, what should guests have ready?

Your booking confirmation, it’s also important to listen to the information reception give.

Do you offer luggage storage?

We do. We have a luggage storage room in reception which is open during the hours of reception.

Cape Tribulation Beach House Accommodation
The beautiful scenery as you make your way to your room is awe inspiring

Do you offer early check-ins, late check-outs, and what is the procedure?

Early check-ins we sometimes can do. That's entirely dependent. Normally if it's booked ahead then no but if someone decides to come here and their room is ready, then we can check them in. Late check-outs again normally no but for special occasions if we have advance knowledge then it is a possibility.

What do guests find surprising about Cape Tribulation Beach House?

Apart from the location itself which is stunning, it's the only place on the beach, it's mainly just down to the service that we offer. The people that we have here are all inspired, they're all happy. If you have happy staff then you'll have happy customers.

Do you offer any free stuff, activities, events for travellers who are staying in-house?

Yep. So every day we have a daily guided beach walk which runs for about an hour and a half, two hours, explains a bit about the rainforest and about the area itself. Sometimes we'll have activities on the beach, volleyball, cricket for larger groups. Daily beach fire every night at eight o'clock too.

What measures do you have in place for guest safety and their belongings?

For guest safety, we have a 24-hour night manager on site. Majority of the staff here are trained in first aid including myself. With their belongings, if it's something extremely valuable, we can keep it in the safe. Apart from that all the rooms are locked and the night manager does do a patrol every evening.

What would you say are some of the most popular tour activities in the area?

It depends on entirely what you're here for but all of them are fantastic in their own sense. My personal favourite is probably Ocean Safari and probably horse rides as well. They're all fantastic tour operators and we work close-knit together so it's a bit difficult to pick one out of all to be honest.

Is Wi-Fi or Internet available at Cape Trib Beach House?

We do have Wi-Fi down at the bar and restaurant, however it's a separate service from us so you do have to pay for it. It’s $4.95 for 100MB, prices go up from there and it’s important to remember to turn off your automatic updates because it will use your data.

Can travellers charge their phones or electronic devices at the Beach House?

They certainly can. There are charging sockets in every room. If not, they can always come down to the bar and restaurant and we will charge it for them there.

Do you offer work for accommodation at the hostel?

We do offer work for accommodation. We normally have a trial period of about two weeks but that's entirely dependent on if we need staff or not.

Where's your closest late night eatery?

The Beach House Restaurant. We close at eight o'clock for dinner. In the same token, if we have someone that's checking in late we will do our best to cook food for them. Apart from that the only other place I recommend around here for late night food would be WHET Restaurant but that closes at eight o'clock as well.

Do you have any funny stories about the hostel you can share with us?

I did have one time during lunch service a man from China who came to us on tour. He was a very lovely gentleman. He enjoyed his food then went down to the beach and came back up during service with something in his water bottle and it turned out to be a sea cucumber. I know that sea cucumbers are a delicacy in Asia and this man was quite proud about it. Didn't speak much English at all so I tried to explain to him that he couldn't take it and it is part of the Great Barrier Reef. Eventually I managed to pry the bottle off his hand while his wife was not too happy about it and then spent a good five minutes of my day releasing this sea cucumber back into the wild.

Pool Cape trib Beach House
Grab a drink from the bar and relax by the awesome pool at Cape Trib Beach House
Cape Trib Bar
The Bar at Cape Trib Beach House
activities cape trib beach house
Fun activities on the beach
Cape Tribulation Beach House Accommodation
The beautiful scenery as you make your way to your room is awe inspiring
cape tribulation ocean safari
Snorkelling with Turtles on Ocean Safari
Jungle Surf Cape Tribulation
Jungle Surfing in Cape Tribulation
Horse Ride CApe Trib
Horse Riding on the beach in Cape Trib
Cape Tribulation beer on the beach
Enjoying a beer on the beach
Night Walk Cape Trib
Nocturnal wildlife spotting on the Nightwalk
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